Tuesday, July 18th

Nikki texts Nick to let him know she’s OK – she’ll deal with Victor in person. She and Jack then leave the cabin.

Victor arrives at the office to hug Abby – he’s so proud of the benefit she put together; the only one of his children willing to help. Nick is no longer my son. Abby’s confused – what’s going on with him, Nikki and Vikki? Abby feels like an outsider within the Newman family. Victor trusts Abby the most and that’s all that matters ~hug~

Tessa will be there for Mariah the way she’s been for her. She can listen or disappear. Mariah chooses to whine about Devon – I thought we had a good thing. I want to matter to him. Tessa encourages Mariah to talk to Devon – you’re smart and funny behind those walls. You’re incredible. Caressing Mariah’s hair, Tessa does indeed mean it.

Devon and Noah pay an unexpected visit with coffee and talk about getting Tessa into the recording studio soon. After Tessa leaves with Noah, Devon tells Mariah that he missed her last night but soon detects a bad vibe. You can tell me anything.

Victor sends a frowning Abby out to tell Scott that Nick was out of line last night and so will no longer enjoy the privilege of being a Newman. Scott won’t argue with that and is sure Abby will support him too (which Victor’s happy to hear)

Jack’s reluctant to leave Nikki alone at the ranch. She promises Victor won’t pull her back – thanks for everything. She’s ready for his questions and won’t forget a damn thing.

Noah and Tessa are at the club. Yes, she and Mariah had a nice night. Noah doesn’t want to take things too slow – he enjoys spending time with Tessa.

Mariah feels like Miss Congeniality compared to Hilary. Devon claims he’s over her. Mariah wants to believe that but sees the way Devon looks at Hilary – it seems there’s unfinished business between you two. Hilary’s my past, Devon lists why he divorced her. Mariah needs to know how Devon actually feels about her.

After Ashley’s meeting, Ravi arrives at Top of the Tower – this isn’t business, it’s about your Mother.

Back at the suite, Graham’s happy to hear that Ravi found and returned Dina’s glasses. When Jack comes knocking, Dina snaps – it’s about time – what do you have to say for yourself?

Home at last huh? Victor comes home to grown. No, it isn’t a good morning. Nikki won’t apologize. They agree that the concert went well but Victor’s miffed that Nikki left without a word – and stayed out all night. Nikki did indeed get some perspective. Victor sees things more clearly now too.

Yes, Nikki saw the photo of the happy Newman family online – it’s a sad charade. Because of Nick, Victor claims. He was trying to protect me, Nikki won’t rehash it. Victor thought they’d rebuild their life together but after her leaving with Jack, no longer cares anymore.

Taking Mariah’s hand, Devon assures that his feelings are very real. You lifted me up, made he laugh – give me honest opinions – build me up every single day. You’re not second to anyone. Wow, Mariah smiles then accepts a hug.