Tuesday, July 18th

Noah and Tessa are both happy after breakfast and eager to see where this goes ~kiss~

Back at Top of The Tower, Ravi tells Ashley that her Mother was really worked up about Jack and referred to him as Graham last night. You think there’s something wrong with my Mother? Ashley asks.

In Dina’s suite, Jack doesn’t appreciate being scolded by both his Mother and Graham. He left Dina at a private function – with her daughter. Asking for (and getting) a moment alone with his Mother, Jack apologizes. You should be sorry – how dare you treat me like this, Dina’s fury puzzles Jack.

Ashley recalls that Traci noticed that Dina was acting different and she IS getting older. I’ll keep my eyes open, Ashley thanks Ravi.

Jack’s vague explanation that he needed to help Nikki last night doesn’t go over well with Dina (who knows Victor will be furious) Your ‘friend’ is MARRIED, Dina reminds. That never got in the way of YOUR happiness, Jack’s remark earns him a slap across the face.

Outside of Victor’s office, Scott tells Abby that Victor seemed to want his approval for cutting Nick out of his life. Pretending this isn’t news, Abby doesn’t get it – we all have millions – what can he really take away from Nick? Neither of us really know what Victor’s up to, Scott leaves Abby confused.

Nikki loves Victor too but can’t get past what he’s done. You’ve made that abundantly clear – so Victor has decided to no longer hide that fact that they aren’t together anymore. He bids the love of his life farewell (leaving Nikki to cry)

Next: I’m very grateful that you solved a problem that your Father created, Victor tells Noah … I did that to protect you and this family, Nick claims. If I close my eyes, I’d swear it’s your Father, Nikki’s frustrated…. Air as much of that material as you see fit, that was a direct quote from Victor, Hilary tells Howard.