Wednesday, July 19th

At CL’s, Mariah tells Tessa that things are OK with Devon. Yes, she told him how she felt and he claims to want her, not Hilary. You can breathe again, Tessa smiles – Mariah does not look convinced.

Howard and Hilary watch their video of Victor and Nick’s altercation in the parking garage. Pow – it doesn’t get any better than that, Howard’s excited. Victor gave us full access. Don’t grow a conscience now – this is ratings gold. Yes, but Hilary doesn’t want Victor as an enemy. On cue, Victor calls her cell.

Nikki’s frustrated when Nick drops by to explain that he sabotaged the concert to protect her and the family. My God – do you hear yourself!? (he sounds exactly like Victor)

At the club waiting for an associate (Stefan) Ashley thanks Ravi for noticing that something’s wrong with her Mother and wonders what it means.

Dina’s sorry for slapping Jack but he’s being so rude – and abandoned her at last night’s gala. Yeah, Jack knows what it’s like to feel abandoned. It stung, Dina admits as she tears up – are you happy now?

Ravi wonders if Dina was just up past her usual bedtime or had a few drinks. Plus, she’s been through a lot of change lately. Having no answers, Ashley realizes that Dina might be clinging to Graham because her own kids don’t know her at all.

Now both calmer, Jack’s sorry he left his Mother to tend to his friend Nikki. Dina warns him that Victor won’t like it.

Hanging up with Victor, Hilary relays a ‘direct quote’ – air as much of the footage as you see fit. Run with it – all of it. Howard’s sceptical – perhaps we should have Victor sign something. ‘What you captured is the truth’, Victor also said, Hilary adds – she’s speechless. Let’s run with it, Howard decides.

Devon’s a great guy who treats me like gold, Mariah changes the subject to Noah. He wanted to take things slow and now wants me even more, Tessa can’t believe Noah’s interested in her – she’s never been with such an honest guy and has never been so vulnerable. Both seeming a bit bewildered by their relationships, they toast with coffee mugs ‘to two friends making it work’

Victor’s at Underground to thank Noah for finding the soundboard – after your Dad poured soda on the first one to sabotage the concert. Oh? You didn’t know? he feigns surprise.

Hands on her hips, Nikki still can’t believe what Nick did. He believes his actions were justified. Your Dad always does too, Nikki huffs that Nick put as much pressure on her as Victor did.