Thursday, July 20th

Lily has a lot of thinking to do – rushing her decision might affect the kids worse. They’ve gotten through tough times before. Neil agrees – but there’s an unborn child to consider this time. No, Lily’s not a fool for loving Cane. He’s committed to you and the twins, Neil’s proud of the way Lily’s handled the situation – but she must decide what she can live with.

Cane knows he screwed up – I love your sister. He then asks Devon for a job. Hamilton Winters needs experienced executives like me. Cane’s just asking for a chance. Seemingly open to the idea, Devon will have to speak to Neil.

After Hilary instructs Howard to leave the audience with a cliffhanger, Mariah accosts her to say that she’s not threatened. Devon’s not ‘pining’. He can be insatiable, Hilary recalls them making love on the kitchen floor as Tessa arrives to eavesdrop. Holding her own, Mariah reminds Hilary that she has a show to edit (then gets some much-needed support from Tessa)

Mattie races into CL’s to physically place herself between Charlie and Reed. Stay away from us, she sends Charlie off – then tells Reed that her brother’s right; maybe you should just stay away from me.

After Abby apologizes for her role in Vikki’s fall, Lily interrupts. Aside, she asks Billy if she can ask Barry for extra work (since she’s the sole breadwinner in the family) As long as there’s no conflict, Billy tells her to go for it – he and Vikki don’t want to hold her back. Excited, Lily runs out to call Barry.

In the conference room, Abby feels even worse that Vikki’s accepting her apology so easily. Looking puzzled, Vikki’s holds her ear as Abby’s voice is drowned out by a high pitched, constant beep. Are we OK? Abby wraps up her spiel.

Hilary and Howard are excited about promoting their ‘untouchable’ story (thanks to Victor) Neither are thrilled that Mariah’s written copy for their story. Across the studio, Tessa updates Mariah that Noah opened up about some personal stuff. Can we get out of here? She (Hilary) creeps me out. Welcome to my world, Mariah sighs.

At the club’s bar, Devon tells Neil about Cane asking for a job. He doesn’t like the situation but Cane does need a job to support his family. Plus, who are we to judge? Neil can’t argue that point.

Cane’s home to update Lily that he asked Devon for a job (but isn’t too optimistic) Lily’s hurt but she still loves Cane ~hug~

Jack and Phyllis agree that hiring Cane on at Jabot might be a good idea. He certainly knows where all the bodies are buried at BnS. Jack has to wonder what’s in it for Phyllis.

Introducing herself to Tessa, Hilary praises her performance the other night. When Mariah praises her talent, Tessa raves about the connection between her and Devon. It inspires her to write a song – she’ll call it Maron… or Deviah… or something. Hilary returning to her work, Mariah thanks Tessa (who says no one messes with her girl)

Abby’s other reason for visiting Vikki at work? She walked in on Jack and Nikki kissing. Apparently, Dad walked out on her. Vikki’s surprised and doesn’t doubt that Jack relishes a war with Victor but Abby should stay out of it. This is a family matter that doesn’t concern you. Furious, Abby marches out past a puzzled Billy.

On the CL’s patio, Reed asks Mattie if Charlie’s the boss of her. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Mattie’s been busy trying to distract herself from her family’s problems. Her Dad used to be her hero. She knows her Mom still loves her Dad. Maybe they’ll be one of the lucky ones, Reed suggests.