Thursday, July 20th

Cane knows he has a long way to go to earn back Lily’s trust. She wants to keep their family together (much to Cane’s relief) ~kiss~

As if this week couldn’t get any worse, Vikki updates Billy that Abby caught Jack kissing Nikki – he’s always trying to cause trouble. It takes two, Billy denies he’s defending Jack (or that he’s anything like his brother) Vikki’s ear again rings. I better not catch your brother making out with my Mom in the elevator, she says as she clip-clops out.

Mattie’s been reading a lot of Victorian novels lately – they talk about fate a lot (which she somehow connects to Reed) Charlie’s not happy to see them holding hands across the table.

We need to think this through, Neil doesn’t want to be stuck with Cane if Lily dumps him. He lied like hell. Yes, he’s talented but let him find another solution. Devon agrees – sometimes you have to find a way to say ‘no’

Back at Jabot, Phyllis denies she’s trying to recruit Cane. He’s a pain in the ass to Billy. Jack guesses her motive – if Cane helps him take BnS down, Billy won’t be working with Vikki. That’ll make some peace in you home (which wouldn’t be a problem would it?) Don’t work too hard, Phyllis leaves Jack to leave Cane a message. I’d like to set up a meeting.

Cane and Lily are getting hot ‘n heavy on the sofa when Lily shoves him off and jumps up. She can’t forget that in 9 months another woman will be having his baby. How can I make love to you!? Lily, sweetheart, Cane slumps with his head in his hands.

Next: Take my advice, Dina tells Abby – younger men give so much and ask for so little…. Seated between her kids, Nikki gasps as they watch the footage on TV. Looks like Father and son have a very different relationship than what they show the public, Hilary comments from behind her desk.

My Thoughts: If Hilary and Howard are legally able to run the footage ‘uncensored and uncut’, why is Hilary leaning over Howard as he’s clearly editing and saying ‘Take a little more off’? And why is Hilary asking Howard for confirmation that they can legally air it? He’s a producer, not a lawyer … Devon and Cane both have a lot of nerve in thinking either’s better than the other. Cane didn’t ‘live a lie’? That’s exactly what he did when pretending to be Jill’s son and his twin brother (now dead) Caleb. He pretended to be his own ghost for heaven’s sake! But oddly enough, Cane’s not the only one to have played his twin’s ghost, Mariah did too – the ‘play no games, tell no lies’ girl-next-door/can’t-walk-in-heels Mariah was initially introduced as only long legs in high heels and short skirt – with a wrist tattoo that seems to have vanished …. What exactly does Vikki have against hiring a newly graduated ‘fresh faced’ executive? Why not hire someone who is ‘brash and sassy’ as opposed recycling the same middle aged regulars who bounce between the only 3 companies in GC? What’s the point in anyone enrolling in GCU’s business program if they can’t get hired? … If Cane has to go without sex for another 7 months, he might as well go cheat again. Maybe he’d feel slightly better if he could remember his one night stand with Juliet. Surely, it couldn’t be good enough to be worth all this. You’d think he’d know not to have drunken sex after being tricked into a Las Vegas marriage by Amber Moore a decade ago and then tricked after passing out drunk in Chloe’s car (and yet another marriage) .. Why would Cane and Lily have sex 10 feet from their front door? Haven’t the twins gone through enough this week without being mentally scarred for life? Just look at how Abby flipped out upon seeing her Uncle Jack kissing her ‘stepmother’.