Thursday, July 20th

Seated at the club, Phyllis tries to get Billy to bail on work in favour of Underground. Unfortunately, he must go find a way to spin Cane leaving BnS and improve those lousy sales numbers. Phyllis assumes this work-night was Vikki’s idea. No, it was Billy’s – it’s all hands on deck. Except there are no other hands on deck, Phyllis points out – it’s just Vikki and you.

At the office, Vikki’s on the phone trying to hire a top level exec. NOW. No, not a fresh faced graduate – someone with ethics above reproach. Just go do it! she hangs up.

That was my stepmother you were kissing! Abby lambastes Jack. OMG – that’s why my Dad was so upset – Nikki was with YOU last night. Wait till I tell Victor that I caught you in a liplock with his wife! Be my guest, Jack smirks.

At BnS, Hilary and Howard are editing their footage. Victor packs quite a punch – everyone will stay tuned to see what comes next. With Victor’s verbal OK, they can run the footage uncensored and uncut. Hilary then goes to needle Mariah in the guise of being a ‘friend’. No, Devon didn’t say ‘any of those things’ to her – he didn’t have to ‘say’ anything, she taunts suggestively.

Devon’s with Cane at the club – how are the kids? Angry and blindsided, Cane answers (because his marriage to Lily was better than it ever was) Really? You sure about that? (Devon clearly isn’t)

At home, Lily updates Neil that the kids are going through hell – but this family will pull through. Does this family include Cane? Neil asks.

Jack denies he’s coming between Nikki and Victor – he walked out on her. Abby doesn’t believe it – he worked on this benefit for weeks, for Nikki. He loves her. Victor loves all of his possessions, Jack adds that Nikki isn’t anymore. Abby’s sure Victor will come after Jack – is that what you want? No, what Jack wants is for Abby to start acting like an Abbott (stop threatening him and sounding like Victor) Don’t force me to choose, Abby slams out.

Still at the club, Billy explains that BnS means a lot to him. He and Vikki need to come up with something like Phyllis did for Fenmore’s (the virtual dressing room app) BnS needs to be my life right now, Billy says. On cue, he receives a summons from Vikki. Phyllis is left with a kiss, the bill – and muttering thanks to Cane for being a screw-up (as he sits across the room with Devon)

Confronted by Charlie at CL’s, Reed’s sorry but it’s not his fault that his Mom had to fire Charlie’s Dad.

It’ll take time for everyone to heal, Cane wishes Jill had been here to talk Vikki out of firing him. I didn’t sexually harass Juliet. Lily knows that. You made a fool of her, Devon’s then reminded of his cheating (at least Cane didn’t live a lie)

At BnS, Billy’s telling Vikki that Jack came in gloating about their low sales last quarter and offered to buy them out when Abby appears with a few things of importance to say that needed to be said in person.

In Jack’s office, he and Phyllis discuss BnS being in trouble. Vikki did Lily a favour by firing Cane, Jack assumes Phyllis would agree that it’s too hard for spouses to work together when one of them’s cheated.