Friday, July 21st

In Jack’s office, Gloria hears that he left the benefit with Nikki and that Dina was not pleased. Neither is Gloria.

When Vikki drops by the ranch full of questions, Nikki downplays kissing Jack. She needed a night away and they didn’t share a bedroom. Vikki would have an easier time believing that if her Mom wasn’t keeping other secrets.

Cane joins Neil at the club. Any decision? he asks. Sorry man, Neil sighs. You can’t be part of the Hamilton Winters Group. You’re a good man. You’ll find another position, he’s sure. Disappointed, Cane politely thanks him. Have a seat, Neil invites.

At CL’s, Sharon and Nick discuss Faith being away at camp. Will you patch things up with victor before she comes home? Sharon wonders.

On the CL’s patio, Scott doesn’t believe that ‘bad liar’ Abby has no idea what’s going on with Victor or where he is.

Dina returns Ashley’s call and loves the idea of spa day with her and Abby. Graham OK’s it – you’re schedule is clear. Dina’s delighted to be spending time with family.

Abby claims that maybe she’s just annoyed because Scott spoke to Victor and she hasn’t. Scott realizes she truly doesn’t know where Victor is. Did he leave because of what happened with Nick? Abby ignores the question when getting a text that she announces has nothing to do with Victor. She’s off to spa day with her Mom and Grandma.

As Sharon’s opining that Victor’s treated his kids terribly, Scott appears to kiss her and mention that Victor called. Annoyed but refusing to take the bait, Nick leaves the coffee house. Scott invites Sharon to lunch and will even be nice to Nick.

At GC Buzz, Mariah warns Hilary that airing this footage will be her downfall. Victor gave me the go ahead, Hilary reminds. Maybe he’s setting you up, Mariah suggests coyly – and I have dibs on your dressing room.

Neil’s supportive of Cane – Lily needs time. He’s been there; hated letting down his kids, Lily and Devon. Cane needs to the twins that he can come back from mistakes. Good luck, Neil shakes his hand. Cane leaves jobless and disappointed.

Ashley tells Ravi that she’ll be observing her Mother at spa day. You didn’t overstep, she reassures. Both hope he’s wrong about Dina.

Gloria tells Jack that she thinks Graham’s very handsome even if he wasn’t Dina’s heir. If you want info on Graham hire a PI. She won’t be thinking of Jacks agenda on her date. Ta ta, she sashays.

Working the crisis line Sharon gets a call from a girl in distress named Crystal. Who’s hurting you? Sharon asks the scared young girl. Click.