Friday, July 21st

Lounging in robes and with cucumbers on their eyes, Dina thinks Abby needs a charming young man like Ashley’s. Just friends? Ravi’s crazy bout you, she crows. Younger men ask for so little and give so much. Oh the stories Dina could tell.

Now at the GCAC, Sharon worries about Crystal and tells Scott about being presssured into sex as a teen, having Cassie and Mariah, and Matt Clark raping her. Scott’s so sorry. You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met.

The Newman’s eat popcorn as they watch the Hilary Hour’s ‘white hot footage’ of the benefit; starting with the red carpet interview. Nikki is a role model, the hosts agree – but the evening wasn’t all fun and concertos. Watching in horror, Vikki bleats How is this happening? Then comes the punch. Father and son have a different relationship than they portray in public, Hilary tells her audience. GC will be buzzing for weeks to come.


Abby loves time away from the office and Scott Grainger; she can’t wait to hear all Dina’s stories. Ashley and Abby are surprised when Dina tells them how much she misses running her company.

Jack gives Cane a precursor to an offer but has to talk to Ashley first. Yes, Jack’s seen BnS’s dismal sales numbers and seems eager to take them down. Outside the office Cane looks satisfied.

Nikki and the kids continue to watch the garage scene in horror. That wasn’t creepy or invasive at all, Mariah quips. Victor will lose his mind. Hilary gets a text from Victor; a thumbs up icon – and laughs.

At the ranch, Nikki and the kids also assume Victor will be pissed. Nick got punched by his Dad but it’s Hilary who delivered the knock out punch.


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