Monday, July 24th

Nick’s at GC Buzz to confront Hilary over the garage footage. How dare you!? Hilary merely told the truth; don’t like it? Look in the mirror.

At Jabot, Jack informs Phyllis that Cane seems willing to take down Brash n Sassy if hired. Vikki will regret firing him, he predicts.

Devon drops by Lily’s hoping that she understands his and Neil’s decision not to hire Cane.

Care and Vikki share a not so cozy elevator ride at Jabot. She guesses he’s interviewing for a job. I can meet anyone I please, Cane doesn’t deny it.

Back at Lily’s, Devon explains that he and Neil weighed the pros and cons of hiring Cane and decided not to – sorry. Lily understands and also hopes Cane finds a job soon too. Yes, the kids know about Juliet and the baby. She pointed out that Cane will always be their Father. Will he always be your husband? Devon’s question goes unanswered when Cane comes home to say he’s over Devon not hiring him.

Billy joins Vikki in her office to hear about her run in with a certain disgruntled ex-employee. You’ll never guess what he was doing in this building. No way, Billy’s stunned.

Nick the ‘hot headed jackass’ continues to blast Hilary. Only caring about what this does to his family (primarily his Mom and sister) Nick’s sure Victor will make her pay. Nope, Hilary shows him the thumbs up text Victor sent. Your Daddy wanted the whole world to see what went down.

Nick’s disgusted that his Father gave the OK to embarrass him on a stupid tabloid show. Whoa – The Hilary Hour is nationally syndicated and streams worldwide in HD, Hilary defends her new and improved show. When Nick threatens to sue Hilary (a low-level vulture who gives journalists a bad name) Devon appears to defend his ex. Thank you, Hilary and Devon are left alone to gaze into one another’s eyes.

Jack wants to take Jabot to new heights (while Brash n Sassy goes down) He’s sure he can hire Cane for less than Vikki paid him. Jack almost feels sorry for poor Vikki. She has other problems, Phyllis shows him the garage footage.

The nerve of this guy, Billy fumes – and agrees they need to put a stop to Cane being hired at Jabot. He and Jack are a match made in hell, Vikki may not be able to stop Jack from schmoozing with her Mom but she won’t let him get away with hiring Cane.

Devon and Hilary are reminiscing about when Victor tried to sue them off the air when Mariah appears. Forcing a smile, Hilary gives Mariah the weekend off so she and Devon can take the private jet to a music festival. Mariah will bring her back a t-shirt.