Monday, July 24th

Back at Underground, Nick thinks Noah’s idea to expand Underground is intriguing but worries about the cost (which is why he and Sharon failed at opening a string of CL’s) Mariah comes in to apologize for Hilary running the footage. After Nick goes to apologize to Devon and Noah gets back to work, Mariah and Tessa are all excited about the concert Devon’s taking her to.

Still at home, Lily mopes over a framed family photo. She doesn’t want Cane to cling to unrealistic expectations. Hope is all I’ve got, Cane knows it’s too soon for forgiveness but he’s trying. Lily agrees to accept Cane working at Jabot – you’ll do great things there (again)

Vikki knows all about Jack and her Mom’s sleepover at the cabin. That’s what we did – sleep, Jack offered Nikki his friendship and support. Knowing about the kiss, Vikki doubts her Mom would want to even be friends with someone out to destroy her daughters’ company.

When Devon joins Tessa and Mariah, he’s put on the spot when Mariah pressures him to invite Tessa along to the music festival.

Nick IS interested in Noah’s scheme for world domination – but only if it’s a guaranteed success. We need to stick to a budget. Noah’s thrilled when his Dad agrees and gives him a hug to seal the deal.

Even a shoulder massage can’t make Billy relax but he does appreciate Phyllis having no doubt that he and Vikki can save this company no matter what Cane and Jack throw their way.

Jack calls Cane – sorry, I can’t give you the job. There are repercussions I hadn’t considered. All the best, he ends the call in a hurry. Satisfied and silent, Vikki marches out of Jack’s office (leaving him grimacing)

That was Jack, Cane gives Lily the bad news – I didn’t get the job.

Busy texting, Vikki gets on the elevator and suffering another episode of dizziness, collapses onto the floor.

Next: Jack has words with Phyllis – It seems to me that I’m doing your dirty work. Them spending less time together certainly makes things nicer for you, doesn’t it? … The fallout from what Cane did is still falling, Jordan confides. There’s more? Hilary’s most interested … Cane arrives on the rooftop to see Juliet put her hand on Charlie’s arm to thank him for bringing her a drink.