Tuesday, July 25th

At Jabot, Ravi compliments Ashley on her inner glow and hears that spa day was enlightening. Dina said something that’s got Ashley thinking.

In his office, Jack calls Dina. Gee, he thought he was being sent to voicemail. You almost did, Dina admits (only answering because Graham prodded her)

Phyllis ends her canoodling session with Billy to get back upstairs to work. Vikki should be back from seeing Jack soon; she and Billy have a conference call. About to get on the elevator, Phyllis finds Vikki unconscious and immediately stoops to help.

On the rooftop, lifeguard Charlie moves a lounge chair for Juliet – then goes to grab her a towel. You look familiar, she opines.

Jordan shows up at GC Buzz to tell Hilary about a basketball incident, praise her latest scoop – and comment that the fallout from Cane’s cheating is still falling (for Lily anyway)

Cane doesn’t get it – Jack really sounded like he was going to hire him. Something happened after I left, he tells Lily it must have been Vikki.

Lily’s getting slammed emotionally, financially, Jordan doesn’t have any new news for Hilary. He does have a lot of praise and encouragement; for which he earns a kiss.

Ravi and Ashley decide that Dina’s adjusting to a life of leisure after running an international conglomerate 14 hours a day. It’s harder than she thought it would be.

At the club’s bar, Dina doesn’t jump at Jack’s dinner invite but would like to put the slap behind them. Dinner agreed to, Jack will meet her there in 20. Dina asks Graham to stay – as a buffer. Meanwhile, hearing that Jack’s having dinner with Dina, Ashley asks if she can join them. Yes, Jack could use a buffer.

Vikki stops Phyllis from going to get help – she’s just dehydrated, needs to eat and feels better already. Don’t hover and don’t tell anyone; it’s embarrassing. Vikki insists she’s fine and walks off to prove it.

Lily isn’t as convinced as Cane that Vikki talked to Jack. He just wants to provide for his family and redeem himself. Lily suggests they start small – go throw the football around with Charle. He’s almost done his shift at the club. Thanking Lily, Cane’s ‘I love you’ goes unreturned. Once alone, Lily makes a call – hi – can we talk later?

Juliet thanks Charlie for the towel and chair. He finds this guest such a pleasure that he refuses a tip.