Wednesday, July 26th

When a dejected Cane comes home, Lily’s sorry he and Charlie didn’t go toss a football around. Vikki’s as vindictive as her Father, Cane gripes. Lily understands her position – Jabot’s the competition – in the same building. Hearing about the audition, Cane get the impression that Lily doubts he’ll find work anytime soon.

Apologizing for being late for her appointment, Vikki answers questions about fainting and the fall she took a few days ago. Alarmed, the doctor’s ordering an immediate CT scan.

Chelsea arrives at Underground to order a fancy drink. ‘Enjoy this Blue Cockroach’, Nick updates that he’ll be giving up bartending to open up a chain of clubs with Noah. Yes, it’s risky. What changed? Nick getting kicked out of his Father’s life.

Excited about their upcoming trip, Mariah and Tessa discuss places to visit – without the boys.

Hilary’s on her phone at the station. She sent her audition directly to the casting director because she doesn’t have an agent at the moment. Yes, people do know me – I look forward to hearing from you soon, she hangs up and thanks Jordan for taking her out to dinner. Annoyed that Howard recommended Jesse for a job, she plans to drop him once she gets to LA. She again rubs Jordan the wrong way by doubting Lily will beat out the competition (and more indication that she has ‘big plans’ that don’t include him)

The doctor returns to Vikki with good news – the scan was normal but she may have had a mild concussion. Eat, sleep and stay hydrated, the doctor orders – minimize stress and scale back to normal working hours. Come back if the symptoms reoccur. In the hallway, Juliet happens by to tell Vikki that she just saw her and Cane’s baby for the first time.

Lily updates Cane that Jordan helped her film an audition for a commercial. He’s supportive and optimistic (but miffed that Lily’s financially supporting the family) He then gets a call. ‘Hey, it’s Jesse, your favourite camera man. I need your help’

I told you not to bother me again, Cane hangs up on Jesse and lies to Lily – it was a telemarketer. He’s happy about her audition and just wants to get back to work himself. I know, Lily goes to bed, leaving Cane to sigh and mope.

On the CL’s patio, Mattie and Reed continue their fun evening; laughing over stories about grade school crushes. Looks like we’re having too much fun for that guy, they notice Jesse frowning their way – and giggle some more.

Juliet tells Vikki how much she enjoyed working for (and getting to know) her. She never expected to be fired and pregnant with Cane’s baby. If only that cameraman hadn’t stopped filming before Billy made it clear that he was joking about gambling. Vikki doubts that Juliet will get any kind of support from Cane. He’s not someone you can count on.

Nick’s inspired (to expand his club) by Chelsea 2.0 and Noah; he’s ready to be something other that Victor Newman’s son. Chelsea wonders if it was about the fight. No, but Nick wants to stop trying to help everyone in his family and focus on his own happiness (and Chelsea, whom he loves)

Back in their booth, Devon and Mariah kiss (though her smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes) She’s too busy watching Tessa and Noah kiss across the bar; squirming in an effort to distract herself in Devon’s arms.

Walking Mattie to her front door, Reed hopes for another date. Just as interested, Mattie’s left reeling from a good night kiss. Charlie suddenly appears to assure his sister that he wasn’t spying. Dump him – now (because his Mom fired our Dad) Mattie’s left alone and bewildered on the front step.

On the rooftop, Billy guesses that Vikki was told to scale back on work – your health is more important than work. Vikki segues into Cane’s visit and her run in with Juliet. She doesn’t want Billy to escalate things (by punching Cane) but wouldn’t shed any tears if he and Juliet were out of her life for good.