Wednesday, July 26th

Nick takes a seat with Chelsea to hear about how well Johnny’s doing. She again says that she has no regrets in letting Vikki and Billy raise him; they’re his family. You and Connor are mine, Nick declares. Chelsea feels the same way ~kiss~

Jordan knows Hilary doesn’t need anyone to help her achieve her goals but warns that she might get lonely. Not letting Hilary unbutton his shirt, Jordan assures that he’s not going anywhere and doesn’t want his heart broken either. He has dreams of his own. I’ll have your back – will you have mine? he asks. Hilary agrees ~kiss~

Vikki’s lounging on the rooftop with Billy. She thinks it too bad they didn’t get to take the kids on that trip. Yeah, Billy’s sorry he created (and tanked) the commercial in LA. Recalling the cameraman’s unfortunate timing (in stopping filming when he did) they find it ironic that BnS’s biggest problem had nothing to do with Cane.

Cane calls Jesse – what do you want? Cash, quick – 25K – or he’ll go public on the Hilary Hour and expose how Cane bribed him to edit the footage, cutting the clip that proves Billy was only joking. Does your wife know her commercial got scrapped because of what YOU did? No need to wire the money – Jesse’s here in GC so will pick up the cash in person. Hanging up, Cane sighs.

Next: Wait, before we go there’s something I need to confess, Tessa tells Mariah…. Our whole family’s falling apart because of your Mom. If you care about Mattie, leave her alone, Charlie orders Reed …. Can I help you? Mattie answers the door. Cane rounds the corner to see Jesse at his front door.

My Thoughts: Hard to believe that Chelsea gave birth to Johnny and that Vikki was ever worried that she’d want a role in the kid’s life. None of the Abbott’s seem interested in John Abbott IV either … When all these kids grow up, Abby will have to find something new to whine about other than being an Abbott/Newman hybrid. She carries on like she’s the only one but in reality, Summer, Johnny, Connor and Katie are in the same boat. But yeah, we can see how much Nick and Chelsea love their young sons – they spend so much quality time with them … Mattie accusing Charlie of being a ‘perv’ kinda made her sound like a ‘perv’. Why would she even think her twin brother would be watching her kiss Reed? … Why does Nick have to tell Noah ‘now’ if he wants out of their partnership? It’s not like it’s a real partnership; no contracts have been signed and while Nick brings experience, money and the Unground name and concept to the partnership, what exactly does Noah bring to the table? It’s not like he invented open mic night …. Oh come on Lily. You’re not forgiving Cane because ‘he knows what he did was wrong’. You just can’t very well tell your kids that you’re a cheater too … Actually, unless Vikki had Cane sign a non-disclose/non-compete contract, there’s not much she can do about who he works for and what he tells them about BnS. He knows nothing beyond BnS’s last campaign (a flop) It’s not like he has the formula for ‘Dare’ saved to his hard drive. If BnS was shrouded in secrecy all their walls and doors wouldn’t be glass …. So Cane didn’t invest any of his money at all over his career? The Ashby’s make it sound like they’ll be applying for food stamps any minute… OK, so it’s becoming apparent that Mariah and/or Tessa are gay and/or bi. Lord knows they don’t shar any chemistry with the men in their lives.