Wednesday, July 26th

Billy chats with Chelsea as he towels Johnny off post swim. Connor and Katie are down in the ‘kids club’.

At home, Charlie apologizes for hurting his Mom – but how can she forgive Dad for cheating and getting another woman pregnant? How can you stand to be in the same room as him?

In the lab, Cane confronts Vikki for screwing him out of a job by going to Jack. Assuming she’ll deny it, Cane wonders – Why are YOUR lies more acceptable than mine?

Behind the bar, Noah blathers on about his plan to scout locations for new bars and make offers on available spaces. Whoa – that’s not the way Nick wants to do things. At all. At a nearby booth, Tessa wonders if Devon’s really OK with her going with them to the music festival. Devon’s smile is even more forced when Mariah suddenly adds Noah to the guest list (so Tessa won’t feel like a 3rd wheel)

Hilary’s just finished uploading a file (likely her commercial) when Jesse shows up looking for Howard to discuss a job. Looking over his impressive resume, Hilary’s about to hire Jesse when Jordan arrives to say it’s a bad idea talking to this guy.

Jesse shot the behind the scenes footage in LA, Jordan informs Hilary. You left that off your resume, she scans it quickly and is sorry Jesse came all this way – she can’t hire him. Now alone, Hilary gives Jordan a quick kiss – thank you.

All gung ho, Noah wants to open a bunch of clubs at the same time; build on momentum. A more cautious Nick wants to focus on one at a time. If his Dad’s not onboard, Noah needs to know now.

Johnny off swimming, Chelsea has no regrets in letting Billy and Vikki raise him – even if they aren’t doing it together. She’s then caught off guard when Billy mentions the bond between Christian and Connor – they’re cousins, she’s relieved when he adds. If you don’t have family you don’t have anything, Billy’s all solemn.

Lily sits Charlie down to admit that it hasn’t been easy to forgive his Dad but ‘he knows what he did was wrong’. I’m not pretending – we want to work this out, Lily’s determined to keep the family together. Don’t for our sake, Charlie surprises her.

Back at BnS, Vikki readily admits that she told Jack not to hire Cane. Sure, he’s free to work anywhere but she’s free to stop him from working for the competition. Cane needs to support his family. You should have thought of that before you betrayed your family and this company, Vikki retorts. You’re a liar and a cheater. And you’re a stone cold bitch, Cane says – then leaves as requested.

Ordering a drink, a nosy patron asks Nick when he’s going to punch his Dad back. Never, Nick says and makes a beeline for Noah – he enjoys working with his son and wants to move forward his way. Noah’s then left to update Tessa (who invites him to the music festival with Devon and Mariah – VIP tickets and a ride on his private jet!)

Seated at the booth still, Mariah detects that Devon’s not as excited as she is that Tessa and Noah are coming along to the festival – I’ll go uninvite them. No, Devon wants to promote Tessa and is cool with Noah coming. On cue, Noah and Tessa appear to thank Devon. It’ll be a blast, he smiles.

After the movie, Reed and Mattie are at CL’s when Charlie arrives to look ill at the sight of them having a good time (and promptly leave before being seen)