Thursday, July 27th

Paul’s at CL’s for a chat with Sharon. Closing her laptop, Sharon marvels that she never knew about human trafficking. Someone’s forcing Crystal into the sex trade. Paul’s doing all he can. If Crystal calls Sharon again, she’s to try get her location.

Lily whines to Jordan that the twins tuition is coming up. And after Walnut Grove it’ll be college. Charlie joins them to meet Jordan (who’d love to give him some photography pointers) After Charlie gets to work, Jordan thinks him a chill kid. Lily worries about Mattie – she’s not so chill.

With I love you’s, Mattie leaves Cane to refuse to give Jesse any money. I’m not sure you know how blackmail works – Jesse didn’t delete the extra footage after all (it’s on the flashdrive he’s carrying around in his pocket) Cane now needs some time to get the money together. Jesse gives Cane his banking info – you don’t want to make things worse for your wife or that cute kid of yours.

Nick likes some of Noah’s location picks – but he’s not so sure he has great taste in women. Tessa’s pretty involved with the Newmans – living with Nikki, teaching Reed etc. Noah isn’t happy – how can we be partners if you don’t even trust me to date the right women? Mariah and Tessa appear awkwardly.

Charlie bats Reed’s water out of his hand – I told you to leave my sister alone. Mattie’s never kissed anyone before – you’re getting inside her head. Leave her alone for good, he orders.

Neil’s not sure Devon will get much alone time with Mariah at the festival but at least he can scout some acts to sign. Mattie arrives to approve of the office and is ready to get to work with no special treatment (except a hug for Uncle Devon as he leaves for the festival) Neil’s left to deal with his very eager-to-work granddaughter.

Billy joins Jordan and Lily to hear that Jesse came to town looking for a job; Hilary threw him out.

Cane sighs as he looks at his online account again; just under 30K in his savings. Oh what to do.

Nick leaves the kids to greet Dean (who’s to get him some liquid cash) He wants to go into business with his brilliant son.

Mattie doesn’t need help, she’s finished the spread sheet. And she’s already read up on HWG’s holdings. Out of tasks, Neil asks Ms Ashby to fetch him coffee (but faced with a barrage of options suddenly isn’t thristy) Getting a text from Reed (your brother has issues) Mattie takes a break.

Reed won’t stay away from Mattie unless that’s what SHE wants – go do your job ‘lifeguard’. After Charlie stomps off, Mattie joins Reed to say her brother’s always been like this. She also updates that his Mom didn’t just fire her Dad, she’s stopping him from getting another job.

As an agonized Cane’s about to transfer the money to Jesse, Lily comes home. She’s sure Charlie will come around. Worried that she didn’t hear anything about her audition, Lily wishes they’d saved more.