Thursday, July 27th

Come on you shady piece of …. Jesse’s checking his phone when Billy arrives on the patio to give him grief. Hey, I was just doing the job I was paid to do, Jesse claims (a claim Billy doesn’t believe)

This isn’t even prostitution, it’s abuse/rape, Sharon opines. Paul agrees – the lowlifes prey on the vulnerable, getting them hooked on drugs and thinking there’s no way out. This could be happening in our own backyard, Sharon’s alarmed.

Mariah squirms as Noah and Tessa kiss. When Devon arrives, the excited foursome head off to their festival.

Reed believes Mattie but has no idea why his Mom would go to that extreme. Come see me play at Underground tonight. Mattie hesitates – she has to get back to work. Charlie watches the rejected Reed from the bar.

Cane hates that he’s done this to Lily and the kids – it’ll be OK. I’m gonna fix everything, he gives her a hug (and closes the laptop)

Billy wonders why Jesse was filming him in LA and not the much sexier Lily. I had to film something, Jesse begins, then changes his mind What do you want to know and how much is it worth to you?

Next: I think they followed me, a terrified young girl hangs up the pay phone and runs off. Crystal? Sharon bleats into her headset, Paul standing behind her … I got it! Hilary announces. The one Lily audition for? Jordan’s puzzled. The very same, Hilary confirms… Actually, before I forget, Lily tells Mattie – then goes towards the laptop. Don’t touch that! Cane yelp.

My Thoughts: If your banks’ website has displays a banner at the top advertising a free credit score it might be time to find a new bank. Just sayin’. And a Brita water jug? The Ashby’s don’t even have a fridge that dispenses ice and water in their tacky kitchen with its frosted glass window… Lily already had one stalker show up at her home, why wouldn’t the Ashby’s have installed some security cameras or at least a peep hole in the front door … If Sharon ‘never knew’ about sex rings and human trafficking before Crystal called maybe she needs to watch some news instead of GC Buzz. Hers must be the only coffee shop not to have numerous copies of the daily paper … Why is Sharon even talking about callers to her crisis line in a public setting? … It’s just wierd that bars in the US serve Bloody Mary’s but not Ceasars…. If this music festival is so ‘huge’, why would they allow acts onstage that aren’t even signed? … Cane isn’t hugging Lily’s ears – how did she not hear the laptop click shut? And why did Cane feel the need? Doesn’t it go to auto-sleep after a few minutes of inactivity.