Monday, July 31st

Also on the rooftop, Mattie and Charlie butt heads over Reed. OK, he won’t tell their parents that she’s going to see him perform at open mic night tonight.

Hearing that someone special might be coming to hear him, Nick gives Reed a prime spot on stage tonight. At the mention of Vikki’s fall when Abby threw a drink in her face, Nick warns Reed not to joke about lawsuits with his Mom right now.

Do you know who this is? Billy works to intimidate Jesse – Victor Newman’s daughter. Offered twice what Cane paid, Jesse comes clean – Cane paid him to cut the footage before Billy said he’s only joking (about betting) Yes, he has proof – and for a 50K check, he hands over the one and only unedited flash-drive. Damn, we’re good, Billy’s praise himself and Vikki.

Back at the bar, Chelsea gives Nick a quick update and takes a plate of food and drink back to the office for Crystal. After a quick chat with Reed, Nick’s joined by Sharon and Scott (who arrogantly says Nick only has himself to blame for looking bad on The Hilary Hour)

Billy can’t believe the petty Cane went to such lengths to try get him fired from BnS (then ended up fired himself) Lily and the kids are the ones who ended up paying the most. Are you suggesting I let Cane get away with this? Vikki frowns. Hell no, Billy replies.

Cane knows he put this family through hell but he made the investment to prove that he can still provide for the family. The twins tuition is due tonight! Lily argues. Cane just needs to make some trades then he’ll transfer the money back. OK, Lily calms down and thinks it good he found a way to earn some money (since she didn’t get the commercial) Mattie comes home for permission to go out with friends tonight.

Knowing that the best defence is a good offence, Hilary goes on the attack. Why isn’t Jordan happy for her? Maybe you care about Lily more than you’re saying. Maybe I do, he agrees.

Zack wraps up the story of his app (that makes online dating safe and enjoyable) Ashley can’t wait to see the finished product and is touched and amused by how much Zack likes Abby. After he leaves, Ashley fishes for info – how do you feel about him? Abby likes Zack but is afraid to open herself up to more loss and pain.

Refereeing, Sharon sends Scott off for a drink. Nick suspects he’s an opportunist. Be careful. Sharon appreciates his concern but knows Nick’s really troubled that Victor’s cut him off (but works with Scott) When Chelsea returns, Sharon’s stunned to hear about ‘Crystal’ (and runs back to the office) Hearing that Crystal was forced into prostitution, Sharon promises to protect her.