Monday, July 31st

Sharon comes back to the bar to say that it seems God’s looking out for Crystal. Across the room, Mattie tells Reed that Charlie’s covering for her (with her parents) We love you Reed! a couple of girls call out. But he only has eyes for Mattie as he takes the stage to play.

Jordan’s a concerned friend to Lily. No, he’s not hoping her marriage fails. Hilary repeats that her initiative earned her the commercial (she didn’t sabotage Lily) I’m no damsel in distress. If you want a girl to rescue, I’m not the right woman for you. With a kiss, Hilary leaves Jordan to shake his head in confusion.

Back at home, Cane thinks they’re teaching the kids a good lesson – to work through problems in a relationship. You’re not alone – we have each other, Cane gives Lily a hug then opens the door so that Billy and Vikki can march in. Good, you’re home – you need to hear this too, Vikki tells Lily.

Surprised to hear that Abby’s so conflicted, Ashley gives some sound advice. You’ll know when you’re ready to put your heart out again. Go, have some fun. OK, Abby texts Zack to invite him out on their 4th date.

Reed ends his song to applause to join Mattie (who’s then shoved aside when girls come to take selfies with Reed)

Sharon calls Paul then updates Nick, Chelsea and Scott. Follow my lead on this, she leads them back to the office; then is horrified to find that Crystal has taken off.

We’re dealing with enough, Cane tells Lily as he tries to shut Vikki and Billy up. Cane screwed us all over, including you Lily, Billy says. Cane hangs his head (busted and ashamed)

Next: You’ve gotta help me find her Paul – tonight, Sharon tells him and Scott … You two know each other? Charlie gives Juliet a puzzled look. It’s the woman who took my Mom, Reed says. And the one my Dad got pregnant, Mattie adds … I want you to leave this house tonight! Pack your things and leave! Lily shouts at Cane.