Wednesday, August 9th

Oh hey! An animated Vikki introduces Ben to Abby, Zack, Ravi and her Mom (the latter two he already knows) When Vikki goes to the ladies room to freshen up, Ashley follows to warn that Ben can be a jerk. Maybe you’re just too uptight to appreciate him, Vikki leaves Ashley gaping – excuse me?!

Still at the penthouse, Nick pours wine – Vikki seemed giddy about her date. Chelsea thought her more subdued earlier – maybe it was the dress. No, Nick’s not worried about his Dad’s reaction to him moving his investments.

In his office, Victor thinks Nick might actually be trying to be independent or he wants to challenge me – or he might know what I have planned for him.

Nick’s outsourced so much of his life – he’s never had his own membership at the club or seen the bills Dean pays for him. It’ll be smooth sailing from here on out, he kisses Chelsea.

Dean’s known Nick a long time – he’d have sensed if he was on to Victor. That boy’s always overestimated himself and underestimated his Father, Victor looks smug.

Noah pours free bubbly for Abby and Zack, then toasts to their hot new app. Zack excuses himself to answer his phone – everything’s on schedule. We go live in a couple of hours. It’s time to take everything to the next lever. You know what to do. Without speaking a word, a mystery woman on the other end of the phone hangs up.

Clearly troubled, Tessa asks Sharon about Crystal. She thought fast – came up with an excuse why I was there. SHE saved ME. Yes, there’s no doubt she’s a prostitute – she was at the motel with a client. Tessa asks for a description – so she can keep a look out. Sharon doubts Tessa will run into Crystal – that man had total control over her. Tessa tears up – I can’t imagine what that’s like for her.

Jack tells Nikki that Ashley knows (and doesn’t much like) Benjamin Hawkman. Nikki will take Ashley’s opinion with a grain of salt and is happy Vikki’s having fun.

As Vikki and Ben sway on the dancefloor, Abby tells Ashley and Ravi that Vikki’s moods are unpredictable; one minute crying, the life of the party the next. Ashley and Ravi make it clear they don’t care for Ben.

Next: What the hell is this? It’s my new address. I’ve moved out of the ranch, Nikki informs Victor …. I’m desperate. I need your help, Tessa hisses at Zack … Ready to head out to the lake? Ravi enters the office with a huge paddleboard. Jack looks aghast.