Wednesday, August 16th

In the doorway to enjoy the fresh air, Ashley assures Ravi that she has no regrets. Ravi’s relieved – and as he hugs her from behind, Ashley admits she too has wanted this for a long time. She worried too much about what people think. Ravi understands if this is just a moment in time. Ashley’s not sure what the future holds – but it was one incredible moment ~kiss~

Summoned to the office by Jack, Dina worries that Jack’s found the errors in her report. They don’t exist anymore, Graham reassures – he’s here to help Dina in any way he can.

Jack gets a call from Gina – issue with the facilities department? What about the Brash n Sassy offices????

In his suite, Ben plays it cool while Cane claims to know everything there is to know about BnS. I’ll be in touch, Ben ends the meeting – he’s not impressed with generalities – he wants specifics. That won’t happen until you give me a deal, Cane counters.

The year’s lease is up on BnS’s office so Jack’s delivering the new contract by hand. Unbelievable, Billy eyes the paper. You bastard, Vikki scowls (as Jack looks pleased with himself)

Ravi wonders if things will change between him and Ashley at work. Look at the weirdness between Phyllis and Jack. Ashley values Ravi’s friendship too much. Now it’s time to talk about Dina – and heading back to work. Ravi will pack the car while Ashley relaxes. I will never forget out time here, he gives Ashley a kiss and leaves her smiling.

Lily comes down the staircase as Juliet exits the club. Never easy seeing her, is it? Hilary tells Lily that the commercial went well. It’s only a matter of time before she books her next gig. Lily’s got stuff lined up too – want me to leave some scripts around? Hilary remarks that Lily’s whole world is crashing down – I feel sorry for you. Lily doesn’t need Hilary’s pity.

Jack’s well within his rights to raise the rent – if you don’t like it, vacate. Vikki’s frustrated – moving will send a signal that we’re in trouble. We need a large influx of cash. I don’t have a choice – the decision’s made (Hawkman’s offer)

Cane leaves his number – call me when you want to make a deal. We’ll make a great team. We just might, Ben agrees.

Getting off on the wrong floor, Dina chats with Billy (who reminds that he’s John’s son and delivers good news that Jill’s on an extended vacation) He hears that Jack’s given Dina a job. Joking that they’re in competition, Dina would be delighted to have a tour of BnS.

With a lingering look, Ravi and Ashley part ways as she enters Jack’s office. He’s having a drink. Oh dear, what happened in the one day I was away? Ash wonders.

Cane approaches Lily at the club’s bar (she too is having an early drink) to announce that he may have a job. Congrats, Lily says without enthusiasm.

In Ben’s suite, Vikki tells Ben that she’s added an addendum to the contract – and is about to seal the deal when she spots Cane’s number written down. He was fired for caused and has made it his mission to share BnS’s secrets with anyone who’ll hire him – apparently, you took the bait, Vikki sneers.

In the lab, Billy can’t tell Dina what new products BnS is working on and knows that John would approve of Dina working at Jabot – he was a forgiving man. They agree that it’s unorthodox for Jabot to lease space to the competition. Dina’s not surprised that Jack hiked the rent. Billy talks a bit about his relationship with his siblings (something Dina can relate to)