Wednesday, August 16th

Jack updates Ashley on his plan to get rid of BnS by raising the lease. BnS is sinking. Asking about Dina’s report, Ashley detects that something was wrong. Yes, you could say that, Jack’s caustic.

Lily IS happy for Cane but still dealing with her failing career. It’s just a speed bump, Cane encourages – then isn’t happy to hear that Hilary got the commercial Lily auditioned for. It’s not fair. A lot of things aren’t fair, Lily says pointedly.

Ben’s aghast – he’s an ally, not an enemy – let’s put this behind us and sign the contract (which Vikki rips up) As her ears ring, Vikki marches out – you’re trying to manipulate me to get a piece of my company. Not true, Ben follows to say. In the hallway, Hilary lurks, recording on her phone.

Looking at the report on Jack’s computer, Ashley thinks it’s a mistake anyone could make. Jack’s not convinced – why did Graham push Mother to sell Mergeron? Maybe he knows something we don’t. Maybe she was no longer capable of running the company. Ashley looks horrified.

And this is the conference room, Billy wraps up his tour by saying he hopes that Jack will forgive him one day. Dina being here gives him hope of that. Dina will do what she can – it was lovely catching up. Billy hopes to see Dina soon – visit anytime you like.

Lily whines to Cane about trying so hard to be good – but Hilary’s the one rewarded. You’re the best person I know, Cane says. You cheated and lied anyway, Lily walks out.

In the hallway, Vikki blasts Ben – refusing to take a dime of his money. Hilary continues to record as Vikki huffs – I can’t believe I spent the night with you – what a mistake. You couldn’t get enough of ‘the Hawk’, Ben says. Marching out, Vikki almost steamrolls over Neil. Hilary goes back into hiding – delighted with her scoop.

You and Cane are dying to bring Billy down – consider me off the team … At the bar, Cane and Ben watch Hilary on TV – she’s pre-empting scheduled features to bring late breaking, exclusive news …. Vikki gets a text – It’s Cane. He says we should turn on the Hilary Hour. You can’t miss this, she tells Billy.