Thursday, August 17th

Jack’s impressed that Dina found and corrected her mistakes and alone with Ashley tries to justify hiking BnS’s rent. Vikki and Billy aren’t going anywhere, Ashley’s sure. Jack thinks otherwise.

Sure HWG is primarily into acquisitions but Neil would be willing to give BnS a bridge loan (then they can move forward with Lily’s campaign) We’d be thrilled to, Vikki thinks Lily an invaluable member of her team. Neil’s pleased – let’s discuss terms.

Mattie’s sure her Dad exaggerated about Reed being bad news. Not really – Reed broke a lot of rules – he showed up on his Mom’s doorstep with a police escort. Is this too much of a hassle for you? Checking her phone, Mattie suddenly has to run off to the intern job she’s 5 minutes late for – we’ll talk later.

Meeting Ben on the rooftop, Phyllis hears that the deal with Vikki is off – not because she found out she and Jack were involved, but because Cane was. Ben will miss Vikki – she comes off as an ice princess but is a wild woman, brash n trashy. Way too much information, Phyllis snarls and exits.

This is the best negotiation Vikki’s ever had – she remembers when she and Neil were more than just friends. Perhaps I didn’t appreciate you as much as I should have. When Mattie’s arrival interrupts, Vikki’s sure she’ll do a good job and is sorry about what’s happened between their families. As Neil shows Vikki out, Mattie’s smile fades.

Jordan has no idea what’s going on with Hilary – and no, he won’t be inviting her to go to New York. We’ve hit a few speed bumps. Like what? She’s jealous. Of what? What do you think? Or should I say whom? Jordan corrects.

Phyllis puts a screeching halt to Jack’s gloating – Vikki’s not signing on with Hawkman because she found out he was in cahoots with Cane. Knowing this isn’t a surprise to Jack, she realizes he and Cane are only interested in bringing Billy down – consider me off the team.

Vikki’s back at BnS to update Billy that she didn’t sign Ben’s deal because he was colluding with Cane. The cash flow problem is fixed – thanks to Neil (who’s only condition is keeping Lily working)

Lily hated to see Jordan fall for Hilary like Devon and Neil did – she didn’t want to see his life trashed. Lily will never like or trust that witch.

Hilary has no interest in what’s going on between Mariah and Devon. She has ratings gold queued up to drop it like it’s hot. It’s show time. As Mariah’s introducing herself, Hilary interrupts with late breaking, exclusive news. My staff hasn’t even seen this bombshell.

Dina tells Ashley that she’s proud of her and Jack – John would be too. Wouldn’t it be nice if Jack and Billy could make amends – Dina would really like that. So would Ashley – but chances are slim with Billy living with Phyllis. Not a fan of Phyllis, Dina won’t give up – anything’s possible – just look at the two of us.