Thursday, August 17th

Mattie rejoins Reed on the rooftop to update that she ran into his Mom – she was super nice and apologized (but it seems like there’s more going on) Reed hopes Mattie still wants to hang out with him. She’s never kept secrets from her parents before – but if they’re hiding things from us …..

Joining Cane at the bar, Ben suggests he might need something stronger than lemonade. Both look up at the TV as Hilary teases a story about Vikki Newman being caught on tape. Cane and Ben exchanged a baffled look.

Back at BnS, Vikki has much to celebrate – they can relaunch Dare and pay Jack’s exorbitant rent. Vikki reads out a text from Cane – turn on the Hilary Hour, you don’t want to miss this. What’s that loser trying to pull now? Billy wonders as they turn on the laptop.

Jack wants BnS taken out because it’s the competition. And to stick it to Billy, Phyllis adds – then there’s Cane; who’s out for revenge. She doesn’t want to put Vikki out of business – she just doesn’t want Billy’s life to be swallowed up. Ashley bursts in to order Jack to put the Hilary Hour on.

Vikki doesn’t understand – what does she have on me? Mariah clarifies that she hasn’t seen the footage. Hilary speaks negatively of ‘corporate raider’ Hawkman (who looks worried at the bar) What the hell is she going to air? As Jack, Phyllis and Ashley watch, as do Billy and Vikki downstairs, the argument in which Vikki blasts Ben (and regrets sleeping with him) is aired. Ben walks off disgusted – as you can see, there won’t be any deal with BnS – I won’t need your consulting, he tells Cane. With a few more cracks, Hilary signs off.

Lily thinks Jordan way too decent, kind and special to be with a viper like Hilary. What if I’ve already found another woman but she’s not an option? Jordan asks – then plants a kiss.

Next: Nick moved out – Dad gave the place to me, Abby shocks Nikki …. Neil informs – we just gave a bridge loan to Vikki. Without talking to me first? Devon doesn’t look happy … Vikki marches into the studio to confront Hilary – How could you!? Airing that filthy trash! You’re taking that clip of me offline – and you’re doing it now!

My Thoughts: Of course Mariah and Devon’s relationship would be of no interest to the audience – I can barely keep my eyes open watching them … I guess Billy and Phyllis have both forgotten how devastated Vikki was when the elevator doors opened to expose their affair. Since it’s not even their building, couldn’t they at least have a modicum of respect and pick another spot for their quickies? No wonder Jack wants them out so badly. And not to be crude, but uh, there’s no water of towels in the elevator. Shouldn’t someone page a janitor with a mop and some Fabreeze? …. Dina once said that she followed the careers of Jack and Ashley so it’s odd that she never came across a photo of Billy with his siblings …. If The Hilary Hour were really an hour, how could they replace an entire show with a 90-second video? There must be a ton of commercial breaks – probably all starring Hilary. How exactly is Vikki and Ben’s little spat ‘late breaking news’? At least call it what it is, gossip. And why is Hilary acting like the footage she captured was so incredibly hard to get? Are we supposed to forget that there’s cameras in the club’s hallways? … You’d think The Hilary Hour would be the last show that the TV behind the club’s bar would have on….. If Lily’s so worried about money and with no modeling jobs has plenty of spare time, why not return to her managing position? … How pathetic that Vikki (worth at least half a billion – with 2 siblings worth a combined billion) can’t come up with enough money to save her company. Why on earth couldn’t she get a business loan? Maybe Abby’s spent all her money – why else would she move from the old Carlton manor to the tiny tackhouse? … Weird that Vikki and Neil drew up a bridge loan contract without input from a lawyer on either side.