Tuesday, August 22nd

Chelsea likes being responsible for her and Connor; she doesn’t want to lose her independence. Nick thinks she misunderstood him. Chelsea doesn’t think so.

Conflicted, Lily can’t stand the idea of tearing her family apart especially after Cane forgave her. Neil advises Lily to take her time and decide what’s best for her.

Failing to seduce Jordan, Hillary warns that she might not be here waiting after Lily breaks his heart. You won’t be alone for long, Jordan says as he exits.

The only thing Chelsea needs Nick to provide for her is one of his great massages. Both really want this to work. Nick then announces that Faith will be coming home tomorrow – yes here – unless Chelsea has a problem with that.

Victor and Nikki argue about pretty well everything; Nick, the concert, the Hilary Hour footage etc. Nikki knows that Nick would never keep Faith away from Victor – but she may do so on her own.

Back at the club to wait for the results Cane reassures Juliet; statistically, the chances are low and treatment for CF has improved. Juliet will love her baby no matter what. You won’t be alone, Cane reluctantly hugs his weepy babymamma – as Lily walks in.

The hug abruptly ended, Juliet thanks Cane and will leave him and Lily to talk. Explaining that he had to go for a blood test, Cane makes it clear that his focus is still on winning Lily back – Juliet means nothing to him.

Not reassured by anything Mariah says, Tessa won’t let her reveal the secret that Crystal is her sister. Mariah doesn’t want Tessa to carry this alone. I’m not alone, Tessa says pointedly.

Questioning an officer but getting no answers, Sharon slips into Paul’s office to take a photo of the man who comes to bail the hookers out. Sending it to Scott, she learns that it’s the same guy he saw at the motel.

Chelsea thinks Faith would be more comfortable staying at Sharon’s until she’s used to the idea of them living together. Nick admits that Faith’s had issues with the women in his life – but she’s older now. Nick will call to have the new furniture picked up from Victor’s. Nikki then drops by with a question that’ll necessitate Nick putting aside his animosity for Victor.

Nikki relays Victor’s concern that Nick won’t let Faith spend time with him. Of course he will, Chelsea chirps – then excuses herself when Nick implies it’s not a good idea under the circumstances. Nick’s aghast that Nikki’s defending Victor but explains that she’s only worried about all the changes Faith’s coming home to.