Tuesday, August 22nd

Mariah will help Tessa find her sister – we’re in this together. Tessa lists all she has; music, great boyfriend and BFF – she’s living a dream while her sister’s in hell. Mariah thinks Tessa a great sister; a great person. Things a bit awkward, Mariah goes upstairs to get ready to meet Devon.

Sharon’s parked outside the station talking to Scott on her phone. This guy could lead us to Crystal. I’ll be careful, she assures as she watches for them to come out.

No sooner has she picked up her guitar, Tessa gets a text from Crystal summoning her to the motel. I need help.

Lily hopes the baby will be Ok and understands Cane’s concern – you’re a good Father. Be patient, the twins will come around. Sorry to hear that Cane’s consulting job fell through, Lily updates that her Dare campaign is back on. After Lily leaves, Hilary cracks that Cane’s in denial when it comes to his wife.

Hilary wastes no time letting Cane know that she saw Jordan and Lily with her own eyes. They’re probably hooking up.

On the rooftop, Jordan’s happy to be Lily’s ‘rock’ or whatever else she needs him to be.

Mariah comes downstairs and is surprised to find no Tessa.

As a woman drives the man and two hookers away, Sharon takes a photo of the car but is frustrated to have missed the license plate.

The fact that Nikki’s here on Victor’s behalf confirms that Nick must limit his Dad’s influence over Faith. She needs to hear everything – from me. Chelsea frowns as she eavesdrops from the staircase.

Victor’s on the phone with Faith’s camp. He’s on his way up to tell her about some family changes before she gets on the bus to come home.

Next: Neil tells Cane that sometimes, despite our best efforts, things pass the point on no return…. Jordan tells Lily that they’ll be hitting the road together … What did you do to my sister? Tessa snarls – as the pimp closes the motel room door.

My Thoughts: According to Nikki, Faith is now 10 years old – which isn’t really that much of a jump … If Chelsea’s facial expressions are any indication, her romance with Nick will be bery short-lived. And if he and his son are sharing the penthouse why shouldn’t he contribute towards the bills? He does have half a billion in the bank after all … I hope Victor’s plan to get to Faith before Nick blows up in his face – but it won’t. No doubt, Faith’s main role will be to drive a wedge between Nick/Chelsea and Sharon/Scott … It always amazes me how lax security is at the police station. The Chief’s not around but qnyone can sneak into his office – not like the door’s locked or anyone’s paying attention.