Monday, August 28th

At the penthouse, Nikki comes down from visiting Faith to ask Nick if he plans to let her see her Grandfather whenever she wants – or is he determined to keep her away from Victor?

Abby drops by the main house to rave about her new digs; the tackhouse is the perfect size. She’d like to discuss the dating app but Victor has something he needs to talk about first.

Mariah finds Tessa ‘thinking’ in the stables to comment that she hasn’t answered her texts. What happened? I put my sister in more danger, Tessa admits.

Sharon barges into Paul’s office to blast him for not prioritizing finding Crystal. Paul’s been busy but has detectives on it. He’s NOT impressed when Sharon blabs that Scott’s doing his job – he pretended to be a John to find Crystal.

Noah sits a blonde woman at a booth then goes to fetch a menu. It appears to be the blond woman Zack spoke to on the phone – and the woman who picked up the pimp and hookers from the police station.

On invitation, Hilary’s visiting Cane at his ‘new digs’ to hear that she was right – Jordan was having dinner with Lily and the kids; sitting in his chair. Cane feels like he’s been stabbed in the gut – isn’t that what Hilary wanted?

Jordan’s brought flowers over to Lily’s. Thanked for making dinner the other night, he raves about how great the twins are. Lily gives Cane credit – he’s a great Dad. Walking in, Mattie looks uncomfortable.

Tessa updates Mariah on her video chat with Crystal; someone made her lie to me – she’s terrified. Mariah understands why Tessa couldn’t perform at Underground – it’s time to go to the authorities.

Sharon tells Paul that Scott learned that there’s a woman taking care of the girls. Yes, these people ARE dangerous. Paul’s frustrated – just because he’s not reporting to Sharon doesn’t mean he’s not working on finding Crystal. Sharon will NOT stay out of it – she’ll save this girl with or without Paul’s help.

Nick can’t always give in to Faith’s demands and fears Victor will turn his daughter against him. He sincerely loves his grandkids, Nikki accuses Nick of ‘drawing a paranoid line in the sand’ – is Faith’s love for you so flimsy or are you also using her too? Nick denies he’s anything like his Dad. Nikki warns Nick not to act out of anger – Victor always strikes out in anger – people we love will be hurt. On cue, Chelsea comes home.

Back at the ranch, Victor asks Abby about Zack (making her wonder if interrogation is part of living here) Things aren’t serious between her and Zack. But that could change, Victor prods.

Hilary denies knowing Jordan was having dinner at Lily’s and that this is about her ego. She cares about him. Cane suspects she cares more that Jordan chose Lily over her. Refusing to give up, Hilary tells Cane to pursue his wife.