Monday, August 28th

Sent for a vase for the flowers, Mattie watches as Lily shows Jordan out – then grills her Mom; what’s with you and Jordan? You just kicked Dad out and already have a new boyfriend. She’s off to Erin’s house for dinner (ignoring Lily calling her name)

Yes, Paul can see ‘this is personal’ for Sharon (who shouldn’t risk her safety or Scott’s) These type of cases take time. We don’t have time, Sharon snaps. Oh look – here’s Mariah (with Tessa) to say they have info on Crystal.

Tessa describes the same man Sharon saw leave with the two prostitutes. Paul asks for (but gets no) details on the video chat with Crystal – did you see or hear anything in the background? Thanking both Mariah and Tessa, Paul goes to update his officers – come to me if anything else comes up.

Nikki appreciates Chelsea trying to make Faith feel at home and sending Nick upstairs talks about blended families being difficult; Faith could put a strain on your relationship with Nick. I love him and will make it work, Chelsea’s given a supportive hug.

Abby thinks her Dad sweet for being concerned but she’s not jumping into anything with Zack. Victor again asks about the future. Abby doesn’t know where things will lead with Zack but is excited to find out.

Back from football tryout, Charlie heads to the shower. Seconds later, Cane walks in (to Lily’s surprise. No, she hasn’t checked her messages) Lily’s acting weird and Cane wants to know what’s wrong.

Tessa, Mariah and Sharon are left in Paul’s office. Crystal’s a victim, Sharon admires her for asking for help. Why does she care? Because she grew up poor, got pregnant as a teenager – made bad choices when scared and confused. Tessa should never feel ashamed to ask for help. Mariah credits her Mom with showing her what it’s like to have someone watch your back. Mariah and I will be your family from now on – we’ll find Crystal, Sharon gives her a hug.

Nick comes down to hear that Nikki offered ‘encouraging words’ to Chelsea – who tells Nick not to worry about boys chasing Faith in the near future. When Nick gets a summons to Underground, Chelsea sends him off so she can try bond with Faith ~kiss~

Nikki walks in on Victor to say that she just visited Faith. You don’t get it – Faith’s sad, Chelsea’s upset, Nick feels like he’s lost his daughter to his Father. Did you return the new furniture? No, of course not, she answers her own question. You’re still that little boy abandoned at an orphanage – taking your anger out on Nick is wrong.

As Lily prepares dinner, Cane asks about the flowers. Jordan had dinner here? Yes – it was Charlie’s idea, Lily claims it was spur of the moment. But you’re his Dad – that bond will never be broken. Charlie then joins them to give his Dad the cold shoulder. Lily suggests they go out to dinner to talk.

Hilary bumps into Jordan on the CL’s patio. He hopes they can be cool. You broke my heart, Hilary wishes she could change. Jordan loves Hilary’s honesty. Good, because she has a proposition for him.