Monday, August 28th

Now alone with Mariah encourages Tessa – coming here was the right thing to do. I’m proud of you for being honest with Paul and Sharon. Tessa gives her a hug – now she has to tell Noah.

When his Dad arrives at Underground, Noah points out a new customer who just gave them a rave review online. Nick’s stunned when he looks across at the the blond (busy on her phone)

Charlie has to eat at home – he has plans with friends after. Lily and Cane team up to joke about what vegetable dish she’ll be making (when Charlie could go for pizza with his Dad) Charlie knows what they’re doing but falls in line anyway. With a quiet thanks, Cane follows his son out.

Hilary’s proposition is for her and Jordan to be friends – dinner tonight? Jordan’s saved from answering when Lily calls to ask him out to Underground. See you there, Jordan hangs up to take a raincheck with Hilary. Told to take care of herself, Hilary’s left to scowl.

Victor has empathy for Chelsea but won’t be guilted into feeling sorry for Nick; he brought this on himself. You told our children to shin me. Nikki hoped Victor would become a better man. I’ve supported you all these years, Victor barks.

Nick flashes back to asking Alice about Cassie (whom she adopted) My Mom took care of her, Alice admits to being a lousy, selfish Mom. He then calls Sharon – you’re never going to believe who’s at Underground; Alice Johnson.

Next: Jordan tells Lily that he and Hilary broke up … I need you to make time – we have unfinished business, Hilary’s words shock Chelsea…. Victor stuns Abby – tonight I asked your business partner Zack to come along. You what!? she yelps.

My Thoughts: Is Abby high? The Carlton manor, her last home, was always touted as a sprawling mansion. Now she’s moved into a shack on her Daddy’s property that used to have saddles on the walls and doesn’t even have a full kitchen. How is that the ‘perfect’ size? Also, if security was a concern at her last residence, why not jar-loose and buy a security system with some of Victor’s half billion she was awarded in court a few years ago…. If the blond who shows up at Underground looks familiar, you might remember Tamara Clatterbuck as Alice, the woman who adopted Cassie.