Tuesday, August 29th

Alice? Alice Johnson? Nick Newman? I haven’t seen you since Cassie died. What brings you to GC? Nick asks (as Alice is about to leave)

Back at Sharon’s, Tessa sends Noah a text – please come to your Mom’s asap – there’s something I need to tell you.

Abby’s been summoned back to the ranch by Victor; who proposes dinner together once a week, starting with tonight. Oh and he’s invited Zack along. No, Abby hops up in alarm – you shouldn’t have invited him behind my back.

Charlie and Cane have brought pizza to the estate. Getting a text, Charlie stares at his phone in disbelief. No way, he utters.

Jordan and Lily take a seat at Underground – where she hopes not to run into Juliet or Hilary (who neither want to deal with) We broke up, Jordan announces.

Chelsea’s surprised when Hilary barges into the penthouse – make time; we have unfinished business.

Correctly guessing that Jordan broke up with Hilary yesterday, Lily doesn’t want to talk about her either. She’d rather talk about how she convinced Charlie to spend time with his Dad. She’s not sure she and Cane will work this out. Do what’s best for you and your family – but for now, just decide what to eat and drink, Jordan says.

Charlie’s bummed that he didn’t make the football team (for the first time) Cane’s supportive and blames himself – you probably didn’t focus because of stuff at home. It’ll take a while for Mom to trust me – it’s OK that she’s friends with Jordan. Charlie assures Cane that dinner with Jordan wasn’t like their family dinners (in case he’s wondering)

Next thing you’ll be doing a background check on Zack, Abby learns that Victor already did (he came up clean) On cue, Zack arrives with a box of Victor’s favorite Tequila. I’m looking forward to toying with you, Victor quips.

After Noah leaves, Alice is surprised when Sharon (after being called by Nick) I want to hear everything you’ve been up to, she implores Alice to stay and catch up.

Zack ingratiates himself to Victor (who praises his drive and ambition then goes to take a call) Abby’s left to admit that she’s surprised but is excited to see Zack (but he shouldn’t be a ‘brown noser’) Zack’s thrilled that Victor invited him – and that he’s on a call so he can do this ~kiss~ Ahem, Victor interrupts.

When Noah arrives at Sharon’s, Tessa hopes what she has to say won’t change his feelings (but fears it will)