Tuesday, August 29th

Noah whines about Tessa confiding in Mariah. She’s my best friend – and you’re more than a friend, Tessa was scared to tell Noah (who couldn’t possibly understand the upbringing she and Mariah had) Honesty’s important to you, Tessa hopes Noah can forgive her.

Getting a text from Cane, Hilary marches into the estate to wonder what he ‘made progress’ on (because Jordan’s moving in on Lily)

Back home, Lily tells Jordan that she appreciates their friendship. He leaves as soon as Charlie comes home so Lily can question her son on how the evening with his Dad went.

After dinner, Abby’s pleased when Zack and Victor bond over boxing. No need for Abby to walk Zack out – Victor needs to speak to her. Nice meeting you, he calls out as Zack exits.

Nice seeing you again, Alice tells Sharon. She left her credit card, Nick comes out to say. Sharon runs out to catch her and seeing Alice driving off checks the photo on her phone. Hmmmm.

Hearing that Lily’s encouraging the kids to see Cane, Hilary has a new plan – winning the kids over will make things with Lily fall back in place.

Sorry to hear that Charlie didn’t make the football team, Lily thinks that dinner with his Dad was a good start. One pizza won’t make me forget what he did, Charlie sulks off.

Victor likes ‘go getter’ Zack – so far so good. Hopefully he won’t disappoint you – or me, he tells Abby.

Noah understands why Tessa didn’t confide in him – but wouldn’t judge her. Tessa promises to tell him everything from now on ~hug~ No, she’s not worried – I feel safe. Noah vows to stand by Tessa as they find her little sister.

A shocked Sharon rejoins Nick inside to tell him that Alice was driving the car that picked up the pimp and hookers. She’s working with the sex ring.

Next: I’m smart enough to know when something’s wrong and this isn’t right. I shouldn’t be here, Faith tells Chelsea – as Nick comes in…. Lauren and Mike stand back as Phyllis beats their chair with her purse – I’ve so had it with his ex wife, she grunts…. Billy reports back to Vikki – I was able to get into Jabot’s server. They have plans to smash us to bits.