Wednesday, August 30th

The Baldwin’s are having a romantic evening, dancing and kissing in the living room when Scott comes home – sorry guys. Lauren stops him from leaving – we haven’t talked since you moved out – how are you? How’s Sharon? You really wanna know? Scott smirks.

At Underground, Sharon shows Nick the photo she took outside the police station – it’s the same car, same woman. I bet anything it’s Alice.

After a walk’s cleared her head, Ashley’s smiling at a framed photo of John when Ravi comes to Jack’s office with an odd request – stroke my cheek.

Over Chinese take out at Brash n Sassy, Vikki hands Neil a folder with a summary of everything they have in the pipeline – so HWG will know how their investment’s being spent. Neil will read it later but trusts Vikki knows what she’s doing. She appreciates that – it’s not always easy to tell who’s on your side.

Billy’s downloading Jabot files to Phyllis’s computer when she appears at the top of the staircase to ask what he’s doing.

Humour me, please – smooth right? Briefly stroking Ravi’s cheek, Ashley’s impressed that he’s wearing her new moisturizer. Hey – let’s market it as unisex. When Ravi gets (and runs with) her vision, Ashley declares him a genius.

Doing Faith’s nails, Chelsea continues her desperate attempt to win Nick’s daughter over (which seems to be going well) Faith wonders, however, why she and Conor didn’t move to the tackhouse – why did we have to move HERE?)

Back at Underground, Nick points out that it’s a popular car – did Alice say anything that leads Sharon to believe she’s involved with a sex ring? Sharon just has a feeling. And Nick has a feeling her concern for Crystal is interfering – it’s a coincidence.

Pulling the flashdrive out of Phyllis’ computer, Billy claims that he was looking up something for work and needs to go talk to Vikki about something important. It’s always important when it comes to Vikki, Phyllis pouts. Giving her a quick kiss, Billy exits.

Chelsea and Nick thought it was best to live at the penthouse – and lists the reasons why. Faith misses the ranch’s swimming pool and her family. This isn’t right – I shouldn’t be here. On cue, Nick comes home to ask what happened and is told that this will never feel like home to Faith.

As Mike hovers, Scott notes that Lauren hasn’t followed through on the dinner invitation she extended to him and Sharon (who then texts to summon him home immediately – it’s about the sex ring!!) Thanks for the wine, Scott leaves them to get back to their romantic evening – until Phyllis barges in to wonder why it’s so dark and throw a hissy fit about Vikki ruining her romantic evening. Mike can relate.