Tuesday, August 29th

Nick’s attempt not to rehash the past fail when Alice and Sharon reminisce about her giving Cassie back to her Mom. Alice’s only regret is not being a better Mother. Sharon understands – she wasn’t ready to be a Mom either. All agree that Cassie was special. Clarifying that they aren’t together anymore, Nick gets back to work so the ladies can talk.

Hilary thinks Chelsea’s idea (brought to her by Jordan) is brilliant (Chelsea designs her wardrobe in exchange for promotion on The Hilary Hour) Why didn’t you contact me sooner? Hilary’s here now – whaddaya say? Agreeing, Chelsea quickly detects that Hilary’s really there for ammo to use against Jordan.

Wow, Noah’s sorry to hear about Crystal. Tessa wanted to rescue her sister (and tells him about the video chat) Noah’s supportive but surprised she didn’t come to him first.

Over wine, Abby works to keep the conversation on Design Date (the app) while Victor brings up Scott and wonders why Zack’s shying away from promotion.

Alice doesn’t need a man – she stands on her own two feet. Sharon can see it’s paying off – you look fantastic (in a pricey Fenmore’s outfit) Where do you work? Small company, sales, Alice escapes to send a text.

Explaining that he wants to stay under the radar to protect intellectual property, Zack excuses himself to read a text from Alice (who’ll be a little late returning to the house) Software guy, Zack rejoins Victor and Abby (who raves about his drive and ambition)

After devouring the pizza, Charlie has to go (but is invited to come back anytime) Cane’s determined to put his family back together. Now alone, he smiles and pulls out his phone.

At Underground, Jordan’s stories out being an outsider as a kid lead Lily to declare the evening together to be a success.

Hilary’s not trying to tarnish Jordan’s reputation or hurt him. Maybe you want to drive a wedge between him and Lily? Chelsea guesses. No, she doesn’t think Jordan’s friendship with Lily a problem. Hilary admits she doesn’t want to lose Jordan to Lily – she wants him. Chelsea warns that Hilary’s scheming will backfire.