Wednesday, August 30th

Back at BnS, Vikki thanks Neil for alleviating here stress. Hearing she went to the doctor, Neil wants her to call if she needs anything. When Billy arrives, Neil ends their hug and accepts Billy’s thanks also. Now alone with Vikki, Billy reports that Jabot has plans to smash us to bits and it’s all here (the flashdrive)

Sharon comes home to remember convincing Alice to give Cassie back to her. When Scott arrives, she tells him she got a blast from the past – and it may be worse than before.

Living here is the best thing for this family, Nick needs Faith to accept that and respect Chelsea (who’s trying to make you feel welcome) After Faith obediently goes upstairs to think about being a ‘big girl’, Chelsea tells Nick that it’s all her fault.

Oblivious to what she interrupted, Phyllis continues to vent about Billy being ‘off’ – it has to be about Vikki.

Billy shows Vikki what Dina’s working on – Jabot’s quietly buying Parker Beauty. Quite a coup but not a direct assault on BnS, Vikki says – until she sees that BnS will be replaced on Fenmore’s shelves. But they can’t do that – we have a contract. Yes, they can. And here’s the launch date. Jack’s hands are all over this. Vikki appreciates Billy putting his relationship on the line – does Phyllis know that Jabot plans to put us out of business?

Chelsea’s sorry she ruined the fun evening she and Faith were having. Nick won’t let her beat herself up. Him and Sharon letting Faith decide to live at the ranch was a mistake – he may have to be firm until this blows over. Both are surprised when Al (from the ranch) comes over – Victor’s sent the bedroom furniture.

Phyllis knows Billy’s not cheating on her but Vikki’s using her company to try get him back.

Still at the office, Billy believes/hopes Phyllis isn’t helping Jack – she’s not involved. He wouldn’t trust her for one thing. Vikki’s not convinced. Billy decides they need to take preemptive measures – come on (he leads her out)

Ashley admits that she’s so used to being solo she shuts people out – it’s nice to know she can rely on Ravi. Billy and Vikki then arrive to ask what Jack’s up to.

Sharon relays her run in with Alice to Scott. She may still be trouble. Don’t say I’m crazy when I say this … Scott would never do that.

Chelsea doesn’t want to question why Victor changed his mind. Faith’s called down for an amazing surprise. Chelsea designed a whole new bedroom. My Dad decided to store it at the ranch, Nick fibs – it’s on it’s way here. As two men wheel in a dresser with an assortment of pillows, Faith squeals – I love it!

Ashley had no idea that Jabot was muscling BnS off Fenmore’s shelves – but how did you know that? Billy and Vikki basically just suspect Jack will take advantage of their slump in sales. Ashley and Ravi deny knowledge of Jack being up to anything ‘nefarious’ and are sorry for the trouble Vikki had with Hawkman. Asking for a minute alone with his sister, Billy asks Ashley if she’d tell him if Jack were up to anything. In the hallway, Ravi shares Vikki’s dislike for Hawkman – and stuns her with the news that he met with both Jack and Phyllis.

Despite not getting the license plate, Sharon’s sure it was the same car – and that Alice was driving it. She was always poor but was dressed (and driving) expensively. Unlike Nick, Scott trusts Sharon’s instincts – he’ll find out what Alice is up to.