Wednesday, August 30th

Faith comes down to thank Chelsea with a hug – she loves her room. Thanks, I love it. I’m sorry I got mad at you – forgive me? Chelsea already has. Faith now feels more at home. Grandpa really knows how to make things right for me – isn’t he the best? she runs upstairs. Chelsea’s proud of Nick for doing what’s best for Faith.

Ashley assures Billy that she hasn’t heard anything about BnS being forced out of Fenmore’s – and why does Billy keep mentioning Dina? She wants peace. Ashley’s not too optimistic.

In the hallway, Vikki’s head spins again as Ravi’s voice is overtaken by a high pitched beep. Are you OK? he asks.

Phyllis sometimes feels like Billy feels guilty for being with her. And you’re paying him back by colluding with Jack? Lauren mentions his attempt to have BnS taken off her shelves. It was a simple business decision, Phyllis claims. Simple? the Baldwins know better – Billy would have more time with you if he wasn’t working so many hours with Vikki. Yes, Phyllis would like to see BnS tank.

I’m fine – I’ve never been better. Knowing she wasn’t the only woman who spent time with Hawkman, Vikki tells Ravi that she has a new target to focus her energy on.

Phyllis has been understanding long enough – something needs to change. A split-screen shows Phyllis and Vikki looking equally determined.

Next: I really am sorry, Hilary claims. Why? Mariah turns around in frustration. I ruined your date with Devon the other night, Hilary feigns innocence …. Nikki asks Jack if he plans on destroying her daughter’s company …. I’m not going to let you or this company become collateral damage, Billy vows. No matter the cost? Vikki asks.

My Thoughts: Oh? The building with 2 million dollar penthouse apartments has no security and no swimming pool? And what’s the big deal about ordering take out? I’m sure delivery is available throughout GC; including the ranch since it’s obviously not far from the city… I’m so tired of those stupid skirt pants – will this long day never end?! … It took two men to wheel in Faith’s silly little desk/vanity with pillows propped up on it? They paraded into the penthouse like two models on The Price Is Right. Would it have killed TPTB to have shown us Faith’s fabulous new room? Why isn’t Chelsea upstairs arranging furniture and fluffing pillows?