Thursday, August 31st

Nikki’s made an early (and surprise) visit to BnS – she can’t believe Hilary aired that clip of Vikki and Hawkman. As for Victor – he’s caused irreparable damage, Vikki complains. Yes, she’s thinking about Billy – I wish we were back together.

A clearly pissed off Phyllis is eager to escape the apartment (and Billy; who’s sorry he bailed out on their evening last night and wants to make it up to her)

Her budget approved, Ashley updates Jack on Vikki and Billy’s visit last night (and their speculation that BnS will be replaced by Jabot products on the shelves) That’s quite an accusation, Jack’s coy. Yes, it is, Ashley has to wonder if Jack would ‘do something like that’

At the station, Hilary insists on apologizing to Mariah. What’d you do to me now? Mariah finally whirls around to take the bait. I ruined your date with Devon the other night (which, as expected, is news to Mariah)

Devon’s surprised that Mariah’s not at home – but takes the opportunity to tell Tessa that he wants her in back in the recording studio asap. You do? Tessa’s surprised.

Scott has a surprise for Sharon – he was working into the wee hours on finding Alice’s address (from the credit card she found) Is this legal? Never mind that – let’s go to her address and return the card. Naw, Sharon’s had a change of heart. But Scott still trusts her instincts.

Tessa’s surprised to hear that people are streaming the song she recorded. Well, they are – and that’s why Devon wants her to record an EP asap. Tessa’s blown away that Devon’s willing to give her another chance after she choked. He believes in Tessa’s talent. Exchanging ‘thank you’s’, Tessa explains that she was dealing with a personal issue (no, Devon can’t help – she’ll do better next time)

Jack scoffs – what next? Will BnS blame me for their bad sales now? He lists the reasons why they’re in a slump. It’s a mess down there – thanks to Hilary everyone knows it. Ashley still wants to know where Billy/Vikki’s suspicions come from. Vikki isn’t the paranoid/irrational type. Ashley gets a strange vibe and no, she denies sharing Jack’s wish to put BnS out of business. And why hasn’t he denied trying to block BnS at Fenmore’s? Jabot’s great new line won’t need your back-handed support (that always blows up in your face) After Ashley marches out, Jack makes a call – where are you? Get to my office NOW!

Still at BnS, Vikki felt something was off with Hawkman. And he didn’t target me for my business acumen. Someone we know steered him in my direction, she tells Nikki.

Billy suggests a movie; the theater opens at 11 – or we can go back to bed. Vikki can’t function a day without you, Phyllis snarls – what did you rush back to work on last night? Billy can’t discuss business. Surely Phyllis understands this (as she must have Jabot secrets she can’t share) Phyllis hides her ‘busted/oh, I sure do’ expression.