Thursday, August 31st

Sharon downplays her ‘evidence’ – Alice’s only crime is forgetting her credit card after paying for a hamburger. Scott reminds that Sharon called her a shady person/not a quality individual. She does look a lot more prosperous now, Sharon admits – then is stunned when Scott shows her Alice’s GC address; she lied about ‘just passing through’. OK, let’s go return her credit card. After a brief exchange with a worried Tessa, Sharon is now in a hurry – she’ll fill Scott in on the way.

Still at the station, Hilary ends a call to face Mariah’s questions. I can’t believe Devon didn’t tell you – we ran into each other – one thing lead to another. What did you two share the other night? Mariah wonders. I thought your relationship was rock solid, Hilary taunts. No, her ‘confession’ isn’t over. You did get Devon’s text that he was going to be late right? Mariah was with Noah and Tessa, not hovering over her phone. Huh, Hilary’s left satisfied.

You think Phyllis asked Benjamin to take you out? Nikki asks. Ravi saw her talking to Benjamin before he asked me to dinner – and she’d love me to spend less time with Billy (Vikki’s reply is a yes) And she might have fallen for Benjamin’s deal if she hadn’t learned that he tried to hire Cane. If BnS goes under, Phyllis gets Billy 24/7. Vikki doesn’t have proof – yet.

Jack’s summoned Phyllis to the office to accuse her of sharing Jabot secrets with Billy. He and Vikki took their suspicions to Ashley last night. Phyllis denies leaking Jabot’s marketing plan. Are you out of your mind? I wouldn’t lift a finger to help BnS.

Hilary watches as Mariah gives Devon the cold shoulder when he apologizes for not meeting her at Underground. Wait, you didn’t see Mariah at all? I had no idea, Hilary’s so sorry she kept Devon so long. ‘Of course’ he can speak to Mariah alone – I’d never intrude. What was so fascinating about your talk with ‘her’ that you blew me off? Mariah asks Devon.

At CL’s, Abby again asks her Mom about Brent Davis – what’s so terrible about this guy? What’s the big secret?

Billy will always be part of my life (because we share kids) Vikki tells her Mom that he took a risk that helped the company – for me. Phyllis is trying to mess with my life. She has an accomplice – Jack. He’s not above playing dirty, Nikki admits. Vikki will put a stop to this; they’ll learn once again not to take on a Newman.

Billy doesn’t talk shop with me, Phyllis blames Vikki (who she’s had enough of) Jack agrees – you shouldn’t stand for it. Yes, his support is strictly selfish. As for Lauren, she won’t remove BnS from her shelves. She wants an even playing field, Phyllis isn’t surprised. Jack just wants to win.

The time just got away from me. I didn’t ‘forget’ about our date, Devon reassures – he told Hilary that Mariah wasn’t the jealous type. She has you snowed; deliberately kept you away from me! Mariah’s pissed – and sarcastic. And no, she doesn’t ‘know’ how Devon feels about her – because he hasn’t said ‘I love you’ back. Devon won’t lie – he was taken by surprise. He’s committed to Mariah – that hasn’t changed.

On the CL’s patio, Zack talks to Tessa about her sister – you’ll hear from Crystal soon. Tessa’s trying to focus on her music and is surprised Zack noticed she has a good voice – you always seemed busy with ‘other things’.

Parked in front of Alice’s house, Sharon’s nervous – agreeing that they did the right thing in not telling Tessa. She’s then startled when a friendly neighbour all but pokes her head in the car window – can I help you?

Billy arrives at work to update Vikki that Phyllis isn’t happy that he’s spending so much time at the office. Vikki doesn’t want him to risk his relationship. Billy doesn’t regret putting the company before Phyllis – he won’t let Vikki become collateral damage in his feud with Jack. No matter the cost? Vikki’s skeptical.

Nikki bumps into Phyllis coming out of Jack’s office – oh, I thought you worked at Fenmore’s. Yes, which Jack owns 49% of. Nikki then delights Jack with a surprise visit – but wastes little time confronting him; are you trying to destroy my daughter’s company?

Sharon and Scott pose as old family friends of Alice. We’re waiting until she comes home. Does she have many friends over? She had a niece stay for a while. Oh yes, Sharon pretends to know. After the neighbour leaves, Sharon and Scott share a look.

Zack tells Tessa that he’s been spending time with Abby; had dinner at the ranch last night. Getting a text from Alice (she’s on her way home) Zack has to get going. Good luck with ‘her’. You too, Tessa replies.

Inside, Abby knows Dina and Victor have asked her not to ask about Brent Davis – she doesn’t want to be a pest – but why won’t Ashley talk about him? He wasn’t nice – he scarred my Father (and me) Ashley sniffles. Abby’s so sorry.