Thursday, August 31st

You’ve probably said ‘I love you’ to Hilary dozens of times – you’re not over her, Mariah seems sure. Devon is – I can say it. Mariah, I … No – saying it to make me feel better is worse than not saying it at all! she huffs off (as Hilary watches)

Vikki’s plan is to outsell Jabot. We need something bigger than ‘secret weapon’ Lily. We have to make people believe Jabot’s new line is ‘shoddy’ – maybe the only way to beat Jack is to stoop to his level, she tells Billy.

Worried the neighbour might call the cops, Sharon and Scott decide to end their stake out. At least we learned something interesting today.

Businesses compete, Jack reminds Nikki – he won’t stand by and let BnS bury Jabot. Nikki then reminds that Victor once went too far and was convicted of commercial bribery. If she ever learns that Jack’s undermining Vikki’s livelihood, their friendship would be over INSTANTLY.

Vikki’s sorry she was abrupt with Billy – who assures he’ll soon be announcing he has the problem solved. Now alone, he calls Mona to ask for an army of temps from across the country. Bill me personally, not the company. Everyone gets a $100 gift card to Fenmore’s, for BnS products only.

Vikki steps onto the elevator and punches buttons until it stops. What do you think you’re doing? Phyllis asks. I’m on to you bitch! Vikki hisses.

Next: My instincts were right in the first place. Alice IS part of the sex ring, Sharon bellows at Scott …. Who’s Rainbow Girl? Zack asks on the phone (on which he’s also looking at a photo of Crystal) One of our most requested but she’s been trouble, Alice tells him … You and I are both people who’re willing to take risks. I think you can help me with a little plan of mine, Jack tells Hilary.

My Thoughts: Oh what a great day; Ashley’s finally taken off those hideous pants. But don’t look now; whoever went scissor-happy in the wardrobe department’s pant section has moved onto blouses (Luckily Nikki has the upper arms to pull it off. Just don’t wave to anyone!) …. Why yes Sharon, it probably is indeed illegal for Scott to have found Alice’s personal information from her credit card – just as it was illegal for you to get a fake passport in your daughter’s name (never mind the arson. That’s illegal too.) I’m still on the fence with Scott – sure, he’s easy on the eyes but he’s awfully quick to toot his own horn. Like why did he feel the need to tell Sharon that he researched Alice until 2 am? And he seems a bit too giddy about working on a sex ring. Losing him to Abby (which will inevitably happen) isn’t the worst thing that could befall Sharon (though she certainly won’t agree) … Who the hell goes to watch a movie at 11 am? …. The sex ring can’t be paying Alice too well – she’s not that ‘prosperous’ if she doesn’t even have enough cash on her to buy a hamburger. Odd that Sharon wouldn’t think that Alice just found herself a rich man (like she herself has done, repeatedly) … How convenient that Sharon leaves her giant purse on clear display by the cash register. And shouldn’t she be telling someone, an employee perhaps that she’s leaving? Is the coffee just gonna pour itself? … How exactly is Lily a ‘secret weapon’? She’s the very face of Brash n Sassy – on a billboard (briefly) I don’t think Billy understands what the word ‘secret’ means… If Ashley was so perturbed by Vikki and Billy’s visit, why didn’t she tell him about it last night?