Friday, September 1st

You seriously need some help, Phyllis spits out as she gets the elevator moving. You’ll be the one needing help, Vikki warns her to back off and marches off the elevator and into the office to see Billy (who announces that he’s put something in motion) The elevator’s stuck again, he adds. Yes, Vikki stopped it to have a chat with Phyllis. It wasn’t uncomfortable for me, but it was for her.

Ravi leaves Dina and Ashley to talk about Abby asking about Brent Davis. No one needs to know who he was, Ashley will hold Dina to her promise to keep her mouth shut. Now on to business – has Dina finished the Parker Beauty analysis?

Back at the club, Jack asks Hilary to promote Jabot’s revamp of Parker Beauty on her show – it’ll revolutionize the industry. He has a long list of people who’ll attest to the line’s incredible results. Hilary’s game and will test the samples Jack’ll send over. He doesn’t see Vikki as a problem and will sweeten the pot – I’ll owe you one. OK, Hilary agrees as she shakes Jack’s hand across the table.

Finding Tessa at GC Buzz, Hilary offers to give her a makeover. Where’s Mariah? Probably upset in her dressing room; realizing she’s Devon’s rebound. Are you that insecure that you need to put other people down – no one in their right mind would pick you over Mariah Why have you appointed yourself her protector? Hilary wonders.

She’s feisty – had to take her off the roster for a bit, Alice informs. Zack thinks she could make them a ton of money from clients with unusual tastes.

Sharon gives Scott the cold shoulder until he informs that she’s right – Alice doesn’t seem to have a niece. Yes, he’s out of the dog house. Scott DOES trust Sharon’s instincts – he’s just been trained to fact-check. No, Sharon can’t let this go – Alice isn’t above hurting a child (Cassie) Scott understands – but is it possible that Sharon might want payback against Alice?

Billy tells Vikki that he plans to stand by his obligation to Vikki and this company. You’ve matured, Vikki praises – the Billy she loved was a man-child, but he brought out a fun side in her. Vikki wishes she hadn’t given up on Billy – you’re amazing ~kiss~

Dina will have the report done by the end of the day. Ashley would like it sooner if possible. As Dina’s rambling, Ravi appears to offer to install software on her laptop. Ashley hopes it won’t delay the marketing analysis.

Mariah takes a spot beside Tessa to team up on Hilary (who again asks why she defends her) With one more parting shot, Hilary leaves Tessa to vow she’ll always defend Mariah – especially against lies about her and Devon. Hilary wasn’t exactly wrong, Mariah admits.

Vikki apologizes for the kiss – that was wrong – you’re with Phyllis now.

Phyllis barges into Jack’s office to ask how the ice princess knows she pushed Hawkman her way. Equally perplexed, Jack has no idea where Vikki’s getting her info.