Friday, September 1st

Updated that Phyllis is having an intense meeting with Jack, Ashley joins Ravi in the waiting area – where they see an email from Graham. It’s a Jabot issued computer, Ashley grabs the laptop to read it.

Vikki put ME on notice – while she’s the one trying to win Billy back, Phylis huffs. Jack’s confident – he has two words; Parker Beauty. Phyllis thinks he’s giving up because of Nikki. You’re gonna let Vikki win? No? What do you have up your sleeve???

Don’t let Hilary get to you, Tessa encourages Mariah. We got in a fight over Devon ditching me to get his friendship with Hilary back on track. He’s not over her. Worse, Mariah blocked a pity ‘I love you’. Hilary watches the two hug.

Typing keys on his laptop, Scott assures Sharon that he’s not giving up. He’s then left to spar with Abby (who laughs that he’s working on a major investigative piece) Sharon returns – did I miss something? Is there a problem? Zack appears at her side.

You didn’t miss anything – no problem here, Scott and Abby chirp. With a parting shot, Abby takes Zack off to the patio. Was she bothering you again? Sharon chides Scott – and getting back to the subject of Crystal, gives him Alice’s credit card – maybe she’ll come looking for it. On the patio, Zack’s bothered that Abby referred to him as her business partner. How do you feel about us? You’re more than just a business partner, Abby offers to tell everyone at CL’s. They then decide they’re exclusive – Design Date works.

Vikki continues to wonder how she let the kiss happen. Billy just wants to forget it. Good, Vikki doesn’t want to cause any complications between him and Phyllis (but goes to her office to smile)

You want BnS to go down as much as I do – handle it. Yes, maybe Phyllis DOES want it more than Jack.

Here’s the Parker Beauty marketing analysis, Ashley reads Graham’s email to Dina aloud to Ravi. Why is she letting him read over her work? Why is she giving him access to Jabot’s strategy?

Next: Hilary gloats to Mariah; I am a free agent – but probably not for long …. She just said she was glad we had a chance to reconnect, Devon tells Lily (who sighs knowingly – here we go again) … Today felt like a turning point, Vikki tells her Mom … I don’t give a damn about what Vikki thinks! Phyllis shouts. Billy told Vikki she as off base – now he’s not so sure.