Monday, October 9th

** Busy day today. Happy Thanksgiving Canada! ** At the Abbot mansion, Ashley flashes back to John praising her on the Junior Jabot line. Oh, how proud her Father is. Jack appears to update that Mother will be attending Ashley’s dinner tonight – without Graham. Good – Ashley wants to be surrounded by people who care about her (who might not include her Mother) I wish Dad could be there. He will be in spirit, Jack gives her a hug.

In her suite, Dina complains to Graham – Jack didn’t accept her apology. He’s angry and wants to hurt me.

At CL’s, Nick admits his plan is crazy – but it’s the way to go. Chelsea disagrees but will stay to see how this plays out. On cue, Hilary rushes in – I’m dying to hear what you want to tell me.

Neil watches Vikki working away – then thanks her for adding Lily to BnS’s executive team. How are things going? Great – thanks to your loan. If you need anything, call, Neil says. Well, since you’re here – Vikki could use some help.

Phyllis flashes back to watching Billy access her laptop last night. Good morning beautiful, he brightly greets her – everything OK? No, it’s not, Phyllis scowls.

What’s bugging you? Should I sit down for this? Billy asks. Phyllis doesn’t think he should go to Ashley’s Innovator of the Year dinner. She thinks Jack plans to embarrass him. Billy appreciates the concern but Jack promised they’d put their differences aside tonight. It’s a start. There’s an easier way to get back into Jack’s good graces, Phyllis claims – quit Brash n Sassy.

Vikki’s testing BnS’s new mask on Neil (who gives it rave reviews) Does it look like I lost 10 years? He admires himself in the mirror. Feel my face, he demands. Vikki does. Neil has an idea he wants her to think about.

Over a framed photo of John, Ashley and Jack continue to gush about what a great man their Father was. No, it never bothered Jack that Ashley was his favorite. Yes, he was closer to Dina. Both are relieved that John never found out that Brent Davis was her biological Father. Dina almost killed him (for threatening to reveal the secret) Jack lightens the mood by reminding that today we celebrate Ashley the innovator.

Nick wants to be interviewed on the Hilary Hour. Though surprised to say the least, Hilary agrees – but this won’t be a puff piece just bashing Victor. Hilary will ask hard questions. Bring it, Nick is undeterred.

Off for work, Jack wants Ashley to forget about Graham – and reveals a surprise; tonight’s award dinner will be filmed for The Hilary Hour. When Traci arrives, Jack leaves hoping she can remind Ashley of what’s important (and exits)

Back in Dina’s suite, Graham confirms that her password is no longer working. Jack’s shut me out, she assumes she might be disinvited to tonight’s dinner too. Graham offers to come along. Yes, that WOULD help but Jack and Ashley won’t allow it, Dina’s sure. When Ravi arrives, Dina assumes Jack’s sent him to fire her.