Wednesday, October 18th

Hilary appears at Nick and Vikki’s table to gush about his interview on her show – and invites Vikki to come on too. No tricks. Despite a good word from Nick, Vikki refuses. Hear her out, Nick leaves his sister with Hilary.

Searching Dina’s room, Jack finds a ring on the floor. They must have left in a hurry. As Traci and Jack go to search Graham’s room, Ashley takes a call from Victor (whose questions about her dinner are avoided as she informs that Dina had a stroke) Hurrying off the phone, Ashley ends her call when Jack and Traci return – Graham’s room is cleared out too!

Neil rejoins Victor to hear that Dina had a stroke. Ashley sounded distracted. Neil likes working with Devon and assumes Nick enjoys working with his son too. He knows it’s painful that Victor and Nick aren’t close. Victor laments that this generation is entitled and ungrateful. Neil’s had problems with Devon and Lily – but they know he loves them. Suffice it to say that Neil and Victor don’t see eye to eye on unconditional love.

Vikki wonders where the hidden camera is. Hilary admits she has a few of the waitstaff on her payroll. Vikki knows Hilary’s pitch – the Dare segment did so well etc, etc. Am I leaving anything out? My apology, Hilary replies.

Phyllis is now in a hurry to leave. You OK? Billy asks. Phyllis is disappointed by Billy’s reason for being twisted. He feels she expected to hear something else. Phyllis prods Billy to discuss Vikki; isn’t she pushy? No – but if Phyllis has something to say, Billy’s always here to listen. I love you, Phyllis hugs him (tears rolling down her face)

Hilary knows she hurt Vikki by airing that footage. I ‘went off on you’? Vikki seems mildly confused. Hilary wants to start over – to stop putting the scoop ahead of people she likes and respects.

Nick’s punching the heck out of the bag when Phyllis shows up at the gym to lift weights (and comment on him giving all his money away) When he assumes Billy’s done something to piss her off, Phyllis denies it. Hearing it’s about BnS and Vikki, Nick’s frustrated – you’re both too good for this guy.