Wednesday, October 18th

Billy ends a call when Victor shows up at BnS looking for Vikki. Hearing that Dina had a stroke, Billy wants to be with his sisters. Victor suggests he stay out of their business.

Neil calls Devon – leave those files and come down for a bite. I want to spend some quality time with my son.

Still at the gym, Nick can’t very well tell Phyllis what’s going in with Vikki (and BnS) She’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself, Phyllis knows. Nick’s not so sure.

Hilary wants to earn Vikki’s trust back – with an interview. Isn’t there something new at BnS you want to promote? If that were the case, how does Vikki know Hilary won’t run to Jack? I’ve seen you go back on your word too many times to believe you.

Victor’s just looking out for the Abbott’s he cares about. OK, Billy will let Vikki know Victor stopped by. Not to be dismissed, Victor comments on Billy’s loyalty to Vikki (who he wants back in his life) Billy must persuade Vikki to trust her Father again.

Nick and Phyllis continue their workout – and their chat. Nick elaborates – life is controlling Vikki, not the other way around. Phyllis is surprised to hear that Hilary wants to interview Vikki (to make things right) Yes, Nick is in favour of it, to help BnS get back on it’s feet. Phyllis is left intrigued.

As Vikk leaves the table, Hilary follows volunteering to sign a contract. Saying that HER attorney will draw up the contract and there’s to be no discussion of her personal life, Vikki agrees to do Hilary’s show (and leaves the host delighted)

And if Billy helps Victor win his daughter back? You’ll be generously rewarded, Victor replies.

Traci, Jack and Ashley arrive at the airstrip as Graham’s wheeling Dina’s wheelchair towards a private plane. Mother!!!! the Abbott kids shout through chain link fence. Dina’s conscious but seemingly oblivious.

Next: It’s obvious whatever you did wasn’t good enough, Cane says – then is cut off when Vikki throws a glass of water in his face … Then I’m confused. What’s going on with us Tessa? Mariah seems annoyed … Listen Jack, I’m trying…. I mean it. Come up with a solution, or I will! Jack interrupts Mike.