Thursday, October 19th

At Jack’s, Mike’s ordered to come up with a solution to remove ‘that parasite’ Graham as Dina’s power of attorney – or I will!

Vikki joins Billy at the darkened BnS lab – you OK? She knows he’s worried about Ashley. Showing Vikki the new packaging for the face mask, Billy’s surprised to hear that Vikki’s agreed to go on Hilary’s show. You trust her after everything she pulled on you? Vikki looks uncertain as to what he means.

Phyllis joins Hilary at the club to congratulate her for getting Vikki on her show. She understands that she’s scared to ‘push it’. Who says I’m scared to push it? Hilary replies with sass.

At the club working out (their lips) Noah and Tessa are thrilled to hear her song playing. Devon appears to announce that the club is using the HWG’s streaming service. Your EP just launched. Excited, Tessa kisses Noah.

At GC Buzz, a sad and lonely Mariah also listens to Tessa’s song.

At the club, Cane asks Juliet how she’s doing – he’s been concerned about her and the baby. Is everything OK? Juliet nods as she bursts into tears.

Devon makes it a group hug as he and Noah praise a grateful Tessa. Oh, how lucky she is (listing all including her sister’s safety) When Noah announces dinner at ‘our place’, Tessa’s alarmed. The place is a mess, Tessa’s just settling in, Noah changes dinner to Underground. Devon agrees and is sure Mariah will be happy to come.

Hilary’s not afraid of anyone, including Vikki. Phyllis thinks Hilary’s plan brilliant – your adoring fan base will see that you’re not caving in to Newman pressure and Vikki won’t even know you’re using her. ‘Have a good one’, Phyllis strides off confident in her assumptions.

Vikki tells Billy that she’s using Hilary – if she crosses the line there will be consequences. She practically begged me to do her show. Lily appears to warn Vikki not to let her guard down – Hilary will do anything for ratings.

We’re fine, Juliet’s sorry to worry Cane. Him caring (and hormones) caused the tears. I blubbered like a total idiot. You ARE glowing, Cane reassures – he’s glad Juliet’s OK. His trip? Productive. Hearing that he’s acting CEO of CI, Juliet catapults herself into Cane’s arms for a hug she immediately blames on hormones.