Friday, October 20th

Vikki’s blackened eyes are now closed as she sits behind the wheel of her car; airbags deployed.

Billy and Phyllis sway on the dancefloor at Top of the Tower. He doesn’t want this moment to end. Let’s make it last as long as we can, Phyllis whispers into his kiss.

Victoria! Are you alright?! Chelsea bangs on the driver’s side window of Vikki’s car.

Abby hopes she’s not showing up at Jack’s too late to hear the latest; Graham’s kidnapped Dina – we have no idea where she is.

Scott hangs the ‘closed’ sign at CL’s so he and Sharon can kiss. They are ‘taken’ with one another.

Arriving home, Lily leaves a message for Cane to set up a visitation schedule with the kids.

Cane’s brought Juliet to the estate (which she’s clearly impressed with) so he can keep an eye on her and his son.

Vikki’s fine – just ‘stupid’ and embarrassed for taking her eyes off the road for a second. No, Chelsea can’t take her to GCM, but she can take Vikki to the office. Resting isn’t an option, she gets out of the car.

After a quickie in CL’s back room, Scott and Sharon discuss how busy they’ve both been and vow to always make time for each other. Paul knocks and is let in – he has an update about Alice.

Abby rants about Graham and frets about her grandmother. Jack’s got PI’s looking for them. Ashley? She’s put her anger aside to look for her Mother. Reassuring Abby that she’s still an Abbott, Jack leaves her to take a call from Zack (who tries to get her to come out so he can prove how much he cares about her)

Juliet will give it her best shot to feel at home at the Chancellor Estate and is touched that Cane asked her to move in with him. You what?! Ester appears for introductions and does her best to be polite and welcoming – but after Juliet goes up to her room, wonders how Jill will react – and Lily. Cane’s marriage is over – Lily needs to accept that he’s taking care of this baby.

Lily joins Vikki at the office to help her conceal her unexplained bruises. She’s not sure she’s ready to leave tomorrow night on a business trip Juliet was scheduled to attend in Dallas. Vikki’s sure she can handle it (while she and Billy expand the men’s line) and is thrilled when Lily finally agrees to the ‘easy peasy’ assignment. She then gets a call from Hilary – really? Great – let’s make it happen.