Monday, October 23rd

At the apartment, Phyllis unleashes on Billy as she puts her computer away – there’s some perverse irony in you using Jack’s Mother (her password) to screw him over for VIKKI’S gain. That’s not true, Billy’s denial is met with a slap in the face. Don’t lie to me again, Phyllis runs upstairs with her laptop.

Oh Jack, what can I do to help, Nikki arrives at the Abbott mansion. Jack sinks into her embrace as if it’s the only thing saving him.

Mattie and Reed are thrilled to be watching a movie at her place (Charlie not so thrilled to interrupt a ‘liplock’) Dropping by, Cane’s even less impressed – what are you doing here? he turns the lights on. We have permission, Mattie and Reed update him. Whose permission? Mom’s.

In Vikki’s office, Lily praises her makeup job and is told she’s to come on the Hilary Hour before leaving for Dallas. Both get a text from Mattie and Reed. Oh no, both sigh.

CL’s closed, Scott ends a call with Victor (thanking him for possibly saving women’s lives with his resources) Now with the name of the shell company who rented Alice’s house, he tells Sharon this could be the lead they’ve been waiting for.

At Underground, Nick has news for Chelsea. No, it’s not about Vikki – why? She was in a car accident, Chelsea tattles.

Vikki’s still at BnS when Nick calls to ask about the car accident and insists his stressed-out sister go see a doctor. I’ll call you back, Vikki ends the call when Reed arrives to update that he left Mattie to deal with her Dad. Lily went home to do damage control, Vikki updates.

Cane thinks he’s the only person being reasonable. Mattie is NOT to see Reed. Lily’s sorry she didn’t update Cane that she and Vikki gave the kids permission to see one another. Even Charlie semi-defends Reed. Lily knows that Cane’s basing his decision on who Reed’s Mother is (and that’s not fair)

When Phyllis comes back downstairs, Billy understands why she slapped him. He didn’t mean to hurt her and didn’t think he’d get caught. The files were classified, Phyllis reminds the ‘genius’ – how can you compartmentalize this?! I tried to tell you a couple of times, Billy’s sorry he betrayed Phyllis (who won’t accept his puppy eyes or apology) Why would you betray me like this? I’m not the only liar in this room, Billy strikes back.

Billy admits that what he did was wrong – but why didn’t Phyllis come clean as soon as she found out? Phyllis knew Billy would run straight to Phyllis. How can such a strong woman be so insecure? (that goes as well as one might expect) Billy then brings up Benjamin Hawkman and blames Phyllis for ripping everything he’d accomplished out from under him.