Monday, October 23rd

Now updated on all the family drama, Nikki assures her discretion and feels bad for Ashley – she must be devastated. She’s handling it, Jack lists all they’re doing to try find Dina. Nikki wishes she’d known sooner. Jack then gets a call from Traci – Mother’s been found???

Back at Underground, Nikki continues to worry about Vikki. Chelsea’s sure she wouldn’t go on Hilary’s show if she wasn’t up to it. They then sample Nick’s new concoction; the Armistice – in honour of his truce with Victor (his news for Chelsea) Yes, Nick thinks his Dad’s sincere – but has an agenda; getting Nikki back. Chelsea likes this laid-back Nick – the drink is another matter.

Cane’s sorry he lost his temper. The kids aren’t impressed to hear their Dad will be ‘babysitting’ them while their Mom’s out of town. After they stomp off to their rooms, Cane asks Lily not to undermine him with the kids (an accusation she denies)

Anxiously awaiting news on their lead, Sharon and Scott rush to the computer when a ‘ding’ alerts to an email. We’ve got something.

At BnS, Reed continues to whine to his Mom about Mattie’s Dad; he’s a jerk with anger management issues. He appreciates his Mom’s support but worries Cane will retaliate against her. Vikki has hope that Lily will get through to him.

Back at the Ashby home, Lily explains that she was going to tell Cane when Juliet made her grand entrance at the estate – I got distracted. This isn’t about Juliet, Cane tries to change the subject. Lily won’t change her mind on allowing Mattie to see Reed. So what if he’s Vikki’s son. If Mattie gets in trouble again THEN Reed will be off limits. The kids would love to have time with an understanding Father. Let’s get them back in here. Since Cane doesn’t want Lily’s help, she’ll leave him to it (with a few more words about Juliet)

Nikki’s sorry Jack didn’t get better news from Traci. He blames himself – perhaps if he were a better son Dina wouldn’t have been so dependent on Graham. What else can I do to find her? Stop trying to find her, Nikki’s advice puzzles Jack.

Lily interrupts – then joins Nick and Chelsea kissing and joking about his new drink at Underground. Nick will go get her one.

Sharon and Scott read the email. County Connect was founded in Wisconsin – the owner is still unknown but their other businesses include a pizza place, car service and beauty salon. Is that significant? Sharon wonders. It’s huge, Scott declares.

Jack should stop looking for his Mother? Nikki thinks maybe Dina doesn’t want to be found. No – Jack knows that Dina was furious with Graham and she looked so fragile when he saw her in the wheelchair at the airport. Why would she leave? That’s what she does, Nikki gently reminds – then lists reasons Dina might leave town (sending photos of them to Victor, humiliating/exposing Ashley)

Billy’s now on the offense – blaming Phyllis for making him look like an idiot. Vikki warned him that she was teaming up with Jack – and in direct competition with his pet project. Phyllis wasn’t colluding with Jack – he laid the bait and you took it. Hold on, Billy finally clues in – Jack had no intention of scaling back Jabot’s men’s line? How big is the launch? It’s big, Phyllis announces that Fenmore’s is getting deliveries as they speak.

At the bar, Nick and Chelsea try to cheer Lily up with praise. Left alone with Nick for more praise, Lily complains that it’s exhausting taking the high road. She’s humiliated to have stood by Cane in an attempt to keep her family together – for her kids.

Cane apologizes to the kids – he wants to close the gap and go back to the way things were. Mattie lashes out (pissed about Reed) Cane’s taking steps so that his kids will be proud of him again. Charlie’s impressed that grandma Jill made him CEO – Mattie’s still fixated on Reed.

Vikki wants Reed to focus on Mattie (not her Dad) – which he thinks ‘cool’ of her. See you at home, Vikki’s left to take a call from Billy. We’ve been set up Jack knows, he spits out before Phyllis can stop him. You’re calling Victoria?! she throws him out the door – go live with her. Vic? Are you there? Billy’s now out in the hallway.