Monday, October 23rd

Small under-the-radar businesses do a lot of cash transactions; perfect for money laundering (hiding money they earn from the prostitution ring. Maybe we can trace this to the guy at the top, Scott and Sharon high five.

Cane admits he might be a little overprotective and irrational when it comes to Reed – the Newman’s are entitled. Charlie points out that Nick Newman just donated 500 million to grandpa Neil’s foundation. Agreeing to give Reed a chance, Cane’s rewarded with a big hug from Mattie.

Lily continues to drink and whine to Nick – she’d like to put all her responsibilities aside for just one night of fun – revenge sex with some hot, uncomplicated guy, like you. Nick squirms – what? Me? No, Lily clarifies- just the idea of you. Chelsea returns to recommend a wild night every once in a while.

Jack’s not angry with Nikki – but his Mom wanted to be in her kid’s lives. He must find her before it’s too late and make Graham pay for what he’s done.

How have we been set up? How does Jack know? Vikki’s frustrated. Billy’s not on his phone – he’s pleading for Phyllis to let him back in. I love you – let’s talk about this. His ‘thank you’ is premature when the door opens just long enough for a pile of clothes to be tossed out.

Next: When Scott goes to use the bathroom at Underground, Zack drops a pill in his beer… Lily places a calming hand over Vikki’s as Hilary begins the show; Today we are live which means anything can and probably will happen…. Billy lands with a thud on the balcony and gestures for Phyllis to open the door (as she glares at him through the glass)

My Thoughts: Go Phyllis! Billy’s not only a Grade A jerk, he’s also committed corporate espionage (which I know nothing about – I just remember Vikki mentioning it) When Dina’s found, I hope someone lets her know that her ‘charming young man’ duped and used her (which she should be used to by now thanks to Graham) … Lily may find it exhausting taking the ‘high road’ but I’m getting tired of her constant complaining – and for someone who’s basically a glorified spokesmodel she sure had no filter when all but telling Nick that she wanted to have sex with him. How many shots are in his new drink?? Lily makes it sound like she’s never had a night of uncomplicated sex – but she has at least twice – with Joe Clark. As tired as I am of listening to Lily, Jack is even worse – Dina being ‘kidnapped’ doesn’t erase her past actions. Not that Jack has any hope of hanging on to Nikki, but his friends-without-benefits relationship will end even sooner with Dina in the picture… Sharon and Scott high-fiving as they investigate a sex trafficking ring is pretty cringey. And why is a coffee shop closed so early? … Speaking of ‘entitled’, why on earth would the Ashby twins think they’d be left to their own devices while their Mom’s out of town?