Tuesday, October 24th

Looking tired, stressed and bruised, Vikki gets off the elevator at BnS.

Sun beaming into her kitchen, Phyllis ignores the text messages beeping in from Billy except to say that he can kiss her …. As she makes coffee, male legs appear in the background, dangling above the balcony.

Vikki walks into the office talking on her phone – arranging for product delivery (including some samples for the Hilary Hour today)

Hearing a thud, Phyllis turns around. Billy landed on the balcony and he’d like to come in.

Paul’s in Jack’s office to ask him and Ashley where Graham might have taken Dina to recuperate. Jack thinks they should instead be wondering where he might have gone to cover up her death.

Zack joins Scott as he’s busy working on his laptop on the CL’s patio. Hearing he has some leads, Zack leaves him to it (after suggesting they meet at Underground later for a drink) Inside, Zack makes a call – we have a problem but I’m taking care of it.

Vikki paces her office as she leaves Billy a message. About to go on Hilary’s show, she needs him now! She’s again dabbing on makeup when Chelsea appears.

Phyllis locks the door – get the hell off my balcony! she shouts as Billy uses his key. Unable to stop him from entering, she brandishes kitchen utensils. Billy refuses to give up.

Chelsea scolds Vikki for not going to the doctor – and defends her decision to tell Nick about the accident. No, Vikki can’t postpone today’s show – it has to be now if BnS wants to stay competitive. OK then, Chelsea offers to be Vikki’s assistant for the day.

Mother’s worth more to Graham dead than alive, Jack frets to Paul. Ashley has to agree – Graham planned this attack on Dina for years. Paul must consider all possibilities but don’t give up hope. After he leaves, Jack gets a call – a package has arrived addressed to Dina.

The package is not a note from Graham – it’s something Jack ordered for Dina; ‘To The Moon And Back’ on vinyl – the song she used to sing to him as a boy. It was a surprise. I should have been a better son, he chokes up. Ashley says all the right things ~hug~

Now at Underground, Zack finds Scott still on his laptop (which he now puts aside to discuss Abby, Design Date and whether Scott’s work is dangerous at all. That woman who just came in works for the sex ring, Scott leaps into action to chase Natalia out.

Billy doesn’t want to control Phyllis – he cares how she feels. When he brings up their romp in the sauna, Phyllis claims she was faking it. What about the late night burger runs, binge-watching movies, cooking in only an apron? Yes, but that was all before Phyllis found out that Billy had betrayed her. We didn’t choose each other because we’re saints – we break rules, take risks – and Billy knows Phyllis wouldn’t want it any other way. When Billy’s phone rings, not surprised that it’s Vikki, Phyllis drops it over the balcony.