Wednesday, October 25th

In Paul’s office, Scott insists he’s being framed here. Paul has to operate within the system and can’t have anyone think he got special treatment. Tell me everything you did yesterday. The last thing Scott remembers is having a beer with Zack at Underground. He’ll vouch for me. Paul makes it clear that he’s calling the shots here.

Reed races in – is my Mom OK? Victor takes him to the window to look in on Vikki (hooked up to apparatus) Abby fills Nick in on Dina’s situation – Jack and Ashley have gone to Florida to look for her. Today Abby’s a Newman.

In the bar of a moving car, Ashley questions Jack’s plan (which seems to be ‘grab Dina and run’)

The curtains drawn to block his view, Reed’s in tears – why won’t they tell us anything? Victor and Nikki console him – Vikki will pull through this. Aside, Abby asks Nick about his truce with Dad. He’s not my Dad, Nick says – and needs a distraction. Abby’s life is going well – she ‘thinks’ she’s in a relationship.

Zack throws luggage into the trunk of his car. On the phone, he orders Leon to pack up all the girls. He’s about to drive off when Paul appears to ask him some questions. Getting into the passenger seat, Paul asks Zack what he did last night. Yes, he went for drinks with Scott last night. He got drunk and I put him in a cab to go clubbing and look for women. He ran after some blond girl at Underground. She looked afraid of him. Yes, that’s her, Zack ID’s the photo of Natalia on Paul’s phone.

The doctor tells the Newmans that Vikki’s awake and can see visitors. All file in to surround the bed. This is quite a surprise party, Vikki’s sorry for worrying everyone and feels ridiculous. Getting gentle scoldings, Vikki needs to talk to Billy about BnS (but is told by everyone to relax and not worry about work)

Still in the car and 3 minutes from the hotel, Jack and Ashley agree that crisis takes precedence over other issues. Ashley vows to get past this and move on – she won’t lose her Mother now.