Wednesday, October 25th

Paul rejoins Scott in his office. Yes, he found Zack. Did you go to another club after Underground? No. But you flipped out over some blond girl. That’s what he told you?! Scott realizes he needs help – from a lawyer. Sharon arrives to state the obvious – that’s blood on your shirt.

Still parked, Zack leaves a message for Abby – he wishes he could be the strong, reliable guy who’d never disappoint her but he’s been broken since childhood. He’s leaving so she can find someone more deserving. Goodbye – I’ll never forget you.

The doctor arrives with test results – Vikki’s got toxic poisoning; a chemical that’s built up over time; something she’s been breathing in. The masks; OMG, Vikki gasps.

Scott assures Sharon that he’s not hurt – the blood’s not mine. Taking her outside, Paul asks Sharon to go – he’ll update her when he can. After Sharon leaves, Paul goes back to his office to tell Scott that he’s being taken to a cell. I had nothing to do with this, Scott insists. Paul really hopes that’s true.

In the lobby of the hotel in Florida, Jack and Ashley are stunned to hear (and then see) Dina and two other women her age having drinks and laughing it up. There’s nothing like a good martini.

Vikki tells all that she’s been experiencing symptoms for months – the same amount of time she’s been using BnS’s new mask. Abby’s just relieved her throwing a drink at Vikki didn’t cause this. Vikki’s only concern is preventing the product from hitting the shelves and how BnS will recover from this catastrophe.

Next: Mike tells Scott (in an orange jumpsuit) not to expect any get out of jail free cards because we’re all friends … At BnS, Billy says he’s been doing damage control all day. Who the hell poisoned those face masks? Victor demands as he points his finger … You know how much I despise him, Dina hisses at Graham. Mother, you don’t mean that (Jack’s hand is swatted away) Don’t you touch me, she snarls.